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50s Theme 6yr - Record Invitations



June 2004


Paula in Suisun City, CA USA

Honorable Mention

50s Fifties Party

This year we are having a 50s theme party for my daughters 6th birthday. 

For the INVITATIONS, I made "records" out of black card stock. On the computer I made the middle label part that says "Shake Rattle & Roll over to _____ Party" "Produced by ______". Then on the Black part of the record, I wrote the date, time, and the activities we will be doing in white pen. We are starting the party at the local bowling alley for the kids to play one game. Then we will head back to our house for the remaining part. The invite will also include the directions from the main hwy to the bowling alley, and then another map from the bowling alley to our house, just incase we get split up. Also I am telling them it’s a dress up, so come dressed in 50s gear. (poodle skirts, black capri pants for the girls & cuffed jeans and white shirts for boys).

DECORATIONS : I am clearing out my livingroom for the "sock hop" part of the party. The walls will be covered with silver metallic Foil Fringe curtains. I bought a balloon net for the ceiling so I can pull the string and the balloons will fall down. The kitchen/eat in area will be set up like a diner.

I made menus with 50s pictures of old tin signs I found On line. The menu consists of Hot Diggity Dogs, Hula Hoop Hamburgers w/cheese, Fries, Root Beer Floats & Cake. I laminted the menus. I bought those plastic baskets to hold the food. I will be hanging musical notes from the ceiling along with records and aqua/pink/black/white streamers. I am making a cardboard cut out of a 1950s car so the kids can get their photos taken behind it.

The games we will be playing are "Musical Chairs" "Pin the Tail on the Poodle" and in the balloons that will be in the net on the ceiling, we will be putting "things to do" inside the balloons. So the kids will have to sit on the balloons pop them, and do whatever it says for them to do.

For the craft project, I handmade mini scrapbooks using 50s diner paper I found on line to cover the cardboard (6"x6") and some retro cardstock for the pages. I found 50s car stickers for the boys, and poodle skirts, saddle shoes & cat eye stickers for the girls to use in their scrapbooks. I bought the scissors that cut in different shapes for them to use to cut the photos and the background paper & glue.

During the course of the party, we will take some digital photos (10 per child) and then print them up for them to put in their own scrap books. The kids will also be making their own banana split sundaes.

For the party favors, Im going to Mels Diner to buy the cardboard 50s cars they serve their childs meals in (Ive seen these for purchase OL as well). I bought Verbatim brand CD-Rs that look JUST like records, with the vinyl and grooves! I am going to make 50s CDs of the music we will be listening to and dancing to at the party for part of the favor.

Also in the boys car they will get fuzzy dice, a black comb, yo-yos & slinkies. The girls car will be getting a pink scarf, cat eye glasses, a pink poodle bookmark & a pom pom. Both the boys and girls will also get a paddleball, 50s candy like Necco & Nik - l - Nips & Dots. Also a "tube of bubbles w/ the straw" & those balloon punch balls.

For the adults & for the cake, I bought plates & bowls that are either all black, all white, & all pink & will stagger them when putting them out. We will have prizes for best dressed, best game of bowling & prizes for the winners of the games we play.

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