Are you a Party Entertainer, Party Service Provider, Party Supplies Retailer, Party Planner or any other Party Related Company that needs customers?

There are two main ways to advertise on the Birthday Party Ideas site:

    1)  Direct advertising through the Birthday Party Ideas site. 
      -  Advertising directly through us.
      -  We ensure your ad only runs on our site.
      -  We can target readers by country, state, county, and city.
      -  Just email us and we can pretty much handle the rest. 
      -  Monthly billing.

    2)  Advertise using your Google Adwords account.
      -  Log into your Adwords account and setup a new campaign.
      -  Use their payment options.
      -  Auction system allows highest bidding ad to run.
      -  Their system is a bit complicated.


How to advertise directly with BirthdayPartyIdeas:

  Send us an email and include:

    1) Where?  Do you want TARGETED advertising to ensure you are paying for advertising reaching only those readers in a specific geography?  Or do you want to advertise nationally, called Run of Site (ROS)

    2) Which placements are you interested in? (see below):
         a)  728x90 Top Leaderboard ($3.00 CPM ROS or $3.50 TARGETED)
          b)  300x250 Top-Right Medium Rectangle ($3.25 CPM ROS or $3.75 TARGETED)
          c)  300x600 Middle-Right Half Page ($3.50 CPM ROS or $4.00 TARGETED)
          d)  728x90 Bottom Leaderboard ($3.00 CPM ROS or $3.50 TARGETED)

    3) How many days?  What is the start date and end date; how many days.

    4) What is your budget?  How much do you want to spend.  How much per day?

    5) Please be aware that we charge a one time only $20 account setup fee.  Billing is monthly and must be paid within fifteen days.

    6) The name and mailing address of the party to be billed.  Note:  We bill electronically via email with a bill attached.

    7) Attach your advertising artwork.

    8) Include the URL that you want readers to goto when they click on your ad.

    9) Send an advertising order email to Brad Maxwell

    Note: We will be happy to try and provide an estimated maximum traffic potential projection within a week after starting.  But know that due to the fact that our traffic is all organic, all coming from search engines that its nearly impossible to estimate traffic.  Search engines often change search result placements to maximize their revenues, therefore our traffic is dependent on where we are placed in the search results.  We can have a much better understanding of the traffic once its up and running for a week or so.  But we can also ensure a daily limit to target your budget. 


How to advertise through Google Adwords:

    1) Sign into your account at:

    2) Choose "Add a new Campaign" (see Adwords screen-shot below)

    3) Choose "Display Network Only"

    4) Name your campaign, give it a maximum bid, and enter your landing page URL.

    5) Then under "Choose how to target your ads", choose "Use a different targeting method".

    6) Then in the drop-down box "Select a targeting method" choose "Placements".

    7) Within the "Placements" section in the "Search for placement ideas" search box enter

    8) Click the double carrot button >> to the right of to add our site to your advertising placements.

    9)  Then simply finish the rest of the sections to complete your advertising buy.



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