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Airplane Party 1yr - Balsa Wood Airplanes



February 2008


Kristen in Columbia, South Carolina

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Airplane Party

For my son's first birthday party, we went with the airplane theme (his nursery is all in airplanes.)  We borrowed the initial idea for an invitation here - and I created personalized tickets for each child.  We used a boarding pass from a recent flight as a template - created a logo James Airlines - The Official Birthday Party Airline."  I included each child's name on their ticket - Last Name/First Name Arrival Location (our address) Flight Time (3:30 pm.  To the right of the invite to look like the portion torn off on a boarding pass was Flight Number (date - 022408) First Class 500 Frequent Friend Miles Light Snack/Beverage Service and then instructions.  Check-in at terminal proceed to Concourse J Gate 1.  This ticket is non-transferrable.  Passenger limited to two carry on parents.  If additional tickets are needed or if unable to make the flight please contact a James Airlines ticket representative at (our phone number.)  On the bottom of the invite I downloaded a bar code then used 'computer font' to write out JAMESISTURNINGONEONO21908 to look like the flight code on airline tickets.

My husband and I created signs using tagboard and vinyl stick on letters - coming up the walkway to our house was ARRIVALS - on the front door was CHECK-IN - on the foyer table where the gift bags was BAGGAGE CLAIM - on the entrance to our den from the kitchen CONCOURSE J/GATE 1 - on the back deck CONTROL TOWER - in the dining room where his cake was JAMES AIRLINES.  Additionally we had red and blue balloons on the front porch and back deck (the color theme of the party.) On our back deck my husband built a kid-height craft table (8 feet long) that we covered with craft paper. 

Each child was given a balsa wood airplane to put together (with parental help) and then could decorate it with any of the craft material we provided (washable paint glitter glue markers stickers).  While the airplanes dried - we had the children have a snack (some typical airplane food such as pretzels and peanuts - I also had cheese and crackers (cut out tiny airplanes using a little cookie cutter and put them on the crackers) fresh fruit and veggies a hot onion dip chicken fingers pimento cheese and pita chips and regular potato chips and dip.)  Drinks were sodas and bottled water (served in the can like on airplanes) with optional little clear plastic cups. 

After snacks while the airplanes continued to dry - we had birthday cake.  My baker created a two tier cake in light blue icing - with white fondant clouds and primary colored fondant airplanes flying around the cake on wire.  On top was a white molded fondant airplane - with my son's initials JDL and his birthdate 021907 on the tail.  He had his own little 'smash' cake - and had a ball digging into it!  I also made sugar cookie cutouts using a larger airplane cookie cutter - each child who attended had their own personalized sugar cookie with their name on it - the rest were iced blue and red. After birthday cake we had an airplane throwing contest (our back deck is on the second story of the house.)  Each child got to throw their airplane - the top three who threw their plane the furthest got to select from a bag of treats.

We opened presents next then completed the party with each child receiving their 'flight bag.'  I took plain brown paper gift bags and created a baggage label - the child's name LAST/FIRST Flight Number 022408 Arrival Destination (our address) THANK YOU FOR FLYING JAMES AIRLINES.  I included an airplane coloring book (purchased online) crayons an airplane puzzle from the $1 spot at Target an age specific book with an airplane theme (purchased online from Amazon) plastic pin on wings from the Delta museum a "hot wheels" airplane and finally some candy (lollipop and sweettarts.)

All in all it was a great day - my son enjoyed himself his three year old sister had a great time and all 13 kids had tons of fun creating and flying their airplanes.  (I think some of the daddies had more fun creating and flying their own airplanes!)  All of our guests left telling us it was the best party we'd had!"

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