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Alice In Wonderland -12yr- Pin Smile on Cat



February 2013


Ella in Phoenix AZ

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Alice In Wonderland

For my birthday party I wanted to have a theme really bad so I decided to have an Alice in wonderland party. 

INVITATIONS: For invites I got some parchment paper with a red border on it and glued a card in two corners. Then I put the usual stuff on it like who what when where And why and handed it out to 12 girls.

DECORATIONS: The decorations were one of the best parts. On the door I put an Alice poster I made and instructions for when you came in. The instructions said when you enter this room you will enter the rabbit hole. Then you will close the door grab a cake pop and a white rosé with your name on it. Notice do not lose the white rose because you will be using it for a game later. That was the end of the note. Then inside I hung up a black tarp in a circle around the door so there was about ten feet from the door to the black tarp then I cut a slit In the black tarp And hung up Christmas lights. I put a little table in the middle of the room and put  a cake pop holder on it with red velvet cake pops.

On a shelf on the wall I put a vase of fabric white roses and we put a piece of tape of each rose and put the girls name on it. Then I had bought a pack of non helium balloons from the dollar store and put one of each color on the floor. Next I scattered one deck if cards on the floor. Then I out one helium tie dyed black, red, green, pink, and blue balloons hanging up. In the dining room it was supposed to be the mad hatters tea party. I took two tables and lined them up so the ends were touching each other. I put a pink tablecloth on one and a green tablecloth on the other. I put 13 mismatched chairs around the table and it looked really cool just like in the movie.

For my chair I put a big cushiony chair. At each seat we put a tea cup that we had gotten from goodwill. We made sure they were all mismatched. Then I put three tea pots in the middle of the table. We put the rest of the non helium balloons on the ground in there except the white red and black ones. Then we got three tie dye green pink and blue balloons (3 of each color) and tied them to the chairs. Next in the living room I made mushroom chairs by getting cardboard boxes, covering them with white sheets, and then putting a red pillow on top but I only made 3 and placed them around the couch. Then I scattered one deck of cards around in the floor, couch, and table. I put a red tablecloth on the table and put a small glass of roses on it. I got giant hanging cards and hung four from the fan and a couple more near the fireplace. Also I got three black balloons and three red balloons and hung them from the couch. I also put the red and black and white non helium balloons on the ground. 

ACTIVITIES: I had some people who didn't know each other there so for about the first 30 minutes we played an ice breaker game. We taped an Alice in wonderland character to each persons back and they had to guess who they were by asking a different person each time a yes or no question. Example: am I A plant? When everyone had gotten to know each other we went into the backyard and had a caucus race. The caucus race was everyone would run around in circles on the lawn until the music stopped then they had to run to the muddle of the lawn and the last person to get there would be eliminated until there was only three people left and they would be given prizes.

Then we played pin the smile on the Cheshire Cat. I made a Cheshire Cat poster and smiles for it and then everyone got blindfolded , spinner around however many times how old they are and had to get the smile closest to the Cheshire Cat's smile as possible. The three closest people got a we had a painting the rises red contest. This was really fun! We told everyone to get their white rosé and go to the room that we had covered with plastic tarp earlier (to keep from a mess) and we put down 8 plates. We put two paintbrushes down on each plate (even though that was too many) then we had everyone sit down on the tarp and we put paint on each plate, then when my mom said go, everyone had to start painting their rosé. When you finished painting you would stand up. The first three people to stand up got a prize but the first person got a marshmallow white rose.

Next we went into the rabbit hole and had a little dance party where we made up a dance for each character. Then we played musical chairs at the dining room table. But it had a twist. It was like classical musical chairs but no one got eliminated. Instead you woul have to sit on someone's lap! It kept going until everyone was sitting on one persons lap! Then we ate dinner and cake and opened presents, and then we had about thirty minutes to go of my 3 hour party so while people started leaving we sat down on my couch and watched Alice In Wonderland 2010 version. 

COSTUMES: For costumes I just indicated on the invitations to please dress up as your favorite Alice In Wonderland character. Most people made their costumes and they were really interesting and unique! ( one girl decided to be the rabbit so she put bunny ears on her head, wore a vest, pinned a big white Pom Pom to her butt, and took a clock down from the wall and connected to a chain and wore it around like a purse! It was so awesome!)

SNACKS:  For snacks we put out a fruit tray, a cheese and cracker tray, and we had the red velvet cake pops. In the three tea pots I had we put sprite in one, water in another, and in the last one we put tea. 

DINNER: For dinner we had Caesar salad, bow tie pasta, and spaghetti and meatballs. It was really good! 

CAKE: My cake was DELICIOUS!!!!! I made a chocolate cake and frosted it with homemade white frosting. Then I made red frosting and piped it to look like the queen of hearts card but instead of the actual queen shown on the card I used the queen of hearts from Alice in wonderland.

FAVORS: For the favors everyone got to take home their tea cup, a button with a character on it, a deck of cards, and their rosé that they painted. (Which actually looked really pretty once we gave them extra time to finish)   My party was a HUGE success. I hope u have as much fun as I did at mine

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