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Alphabet Party - Letter Shaped Sandwiches



June 2001


Elsie in Wall, New Jersey, Monmouth County

Honorable Mention

Alphabet Birthday Party

Decorate your party room with punched out letters(you can get a pack of them at any teacher store).  Use primary colored paper goods and tablecloths.  Balloons to match your primary colored d├ęcor(and on each balloon spell out each child's name attending the party, using sticky letters at a party supply store.) 

Food..for the kids make letter cutout sandwiches(tuna, egg salad and peanut butter)using all kinds of bread to add color(white, wheat, etc)  For dessert, serve alphabet cookies and make a cake to resemble a big alphabet block(using square 5 pans and layer one over the other and ice it all up)and if your child has a four or five letter name put one letter on each side of the cake with the first one on top if he/she has 5 letters! 

Goodie Bags..Buy gift sized brown paper bags with handles(craft store) and make the front of each bag look like an alphabet block by painting a thick boarder around the perimeter with a cutout letter pasted in the front(the first letter of each child's(guest's) name.  Fill the bags with a word search book(according to age of child);or an alphabet book; a small alphabet block (with the first letter of their name) and glue a magnet on back; alphabet color pages for the crayola web site(print them out); chocolate covered Oreos on a stick with the letter of the name iced on it( insert Popsicle stick into an Oreos and dip Oreo into melted baking chocolate, let dry on wax paper and use icing tubes to write their letter, wrap in colored seran wrap and tie with a brightly colored ribbon.) 

Games/Crafts..Letter T-shirts ahead of time.  Buy white t-shirts at a craft store(for each child attending) and iron on transfer paper for your computer. Find a program that will let your print alphabet letters(I used American Greetings CreataCard cute letters with stick kids holding each letter).   Print each child's letter on paper and then iron on to the front of each shirt; the day of the party of each child find their letter and have them imprint their hands on the back of the shirt (using fabric paint)  Do at the beginning of the party so hopefully they will be dry before they go home. 

Take a group picture of children wearing their shirts and send them in your thank yous.  Have the party boy/girl wear their shirt or sweatshirt(already made)as he greets his quests. Letter Hunt....hide cut out letters(spelling the birthday boy/girl's name) around the house or yard and the guest who finds the most letters wins a prize.

Play Bingo Letter Game Alphabet Music….you can find music at any children's toy store or teacher store(that teaches the alphabet)  I used a great CD titled Sing A to Z by Sharon, Lois & Bram. Name bracelets…if children are older get alphabet beads and string(any craft store)and have a craft station where they can make their own name bracelet(girls)or name bands(boys).  I did this for my son when he turned to and it was a great hit!!!!

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