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ABC Carnival -4yr- B for Bowling & Win Boats or Balls



January 2005


Mindy in Keizer, Oregon, Marian County


Alphabet Birthday Party

Hi for my son's 4th birthday, I threw him a ABC birthday carnival. I decided on this theme after we attended a school carnival and he had so much fun, and I had already decided on an alphabet party so I decided to combine the two.

First off I made invitations that were in the shape of old fashioned,white with red stripes,popcorn boxes on the back said they were invited to Brady's ABC Birhtday Carnival and the when where and whats about the party. When they arived at the party they got there tickets and brady bucks from the ticket booth. I had made this out of large refrigerator box and painted it and written letters all over it. 

Each child received a brown bag with the abc theme written on it and their name on it from the ticket booth. In the bag was tickets for all games and brady bucks that they can spent at the snack bar. It rained the day of the party so we had the game booths throughout the house and garage. The booths were set up as the fishing booth where the kids fished for a prize. This prize was school supplies in a plastic bag decorated with fish and letters. 

Then there was a bowling pin knock down for the B booth where they got boats or balls. There was also a duck pond for the D booth where they picked the right floating duck to win dimes and ducks.  There was an A booth that they tossed the alligator which was stuffed into a pond which was a tablecloth labeled with lettered lilly pads they one apples and apes here. There was the cake walk for "C" and the Basketball shoot we had E and gave out e prizes. 

I had my booth workers make the games easy to win but if the children didn’t win the prize they got tokens in which they got to trade at prize table. 

At the snack bar we served hotdogs, chips ,and juice. There was also popcorn, snowcones, and cotton candy.  The children bought there snacks with there brady bucks which was made on my computer with bradys picture in the middle.

We had  ABC birthday cake and a Letter Piniata.

When it was time for each guest to go I had made them each alphabet book with the letter and a word that it started with along with worksheets theat had to do with the alphabet and extra writing paper.  It was the best party I had ever given and the adults had just as much fun as the kids. 

I spent each night from 9:30 to 11:30 for two months before the party preparing all of the projects and making all of the games and notebooks and tickets, but I had wanted everything to be perfect. Oh also  the day of the party my mother dressed up as a clown and they went around passing out tokens and tootsie rolls. I had my cousins teenagers run the booths.

Oh I also had made a large mural that said I know my ABC's with head holes cut out of the a and the B each child got their picture taken with a polaroid camera and the picture was placed in Brady's thankyou cards that he helped create. 

All in All it was a lot of work but a whole lot more fun.  I cant wait until my daughter is old enough for this kind of party.

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