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Letter G Party -4yr- G is for Giant Birthday Gala



October 2007


Deborah in Mountain Lakes, NJ USA


Alphabet Birthday Party

G is for Gracie's Gigantic Birthday Gala! Our daughter Grace turned four in October and I wanted a fun party that was age appropriate. So I did G is for and went crazy with the letter G. Starting with the invitation, we did a Green theme (for G of course!) with pink accents: The front said G is for Gracie's Gigantic Gala. Gummyworms, gumballs and gobstoppers galore, all to celebrate Gracie turing 4. Games, grub and goodies, it will be great! As girls and guys come celebrate.

We had all G foods: Guacamole, GORP, Garden Veggies, gumbo, goulash (a kids version with mac and cheese with hamburger mixed in), Grape Jelly sandwiches w/ peanut butter and Grape Jelly and Cream cheese (I took white and wheat bread and cut G's in them with cookie cutters, and put the wheat cutout in the white bread and vice versa so the sandwiches had Gs on them). We also had Grape juice, Ginger Ale & Guinness (for adults).

Table centerpieces were clear glass vases filled with gummy worms, gumballs, gummy bears and goldfish crackers. We labelled everything in the yard on little signs on sticks: G is for Ground, G is for Grass, G is for Green, G is for Grace's playhouse, G is for Grape Juice, G is for Giant Rock (we have a big rock in our yard) but we took everything that we had with G and made a sign.

We also had stickers that we placed on a table and kind of made it a game to find people with something G" on them --- "G is for Grammy" - I wore a gray shirt so it says "G is for Gray" glasses gorgeous (lol). The kids had a blast and you can get a Giraffe Gorilla or any pinata with a G.

We also thought about getting real goldfish as giveaways but I didn't want to make any parents mad. I did Grab Goodie Bags where I gave the kids cellophane bags where they could "grab" their own candy from the centerpieces (and help me clean up in the meantime!). I also made a 3 layer fondant cake with G's stamped on them in pink and green. It was a lot of fun... and could be adopted for any letter!"

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