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Amazing Race Party 12yr - At the Park



January 2010


Vicki in Waverley,New south Wales Australia

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Amazing Race Party

My 12 year Old Daughter Constella wanted an Amazing Race birthday party, so we looked up ideas on the internet and came up with our own version. We held it in Centennial Park in Sydney and all activities were there, as it is a big park.

Constella invited 7 friends - there were 4 teams of 2 and the party started at 11.00am with pizza and drinks while we explained the rules. We had 10 challenges over 2 and a 1/2 hours, each team did all the challenges in different orders, so no one was sure who was winning until the end and it was very close and very exciting. Constella's 12th Birthday Amazing Race Challenges Teams:Red Team:  Wincel and Annie Blue Team: Tayla and Ruby Purple Team: Rosemarie and Imogen (John to help) Green Team: Xanthea and Constella 

1.Go to the cannons opposite the Centennial Park Restaurant. One of you has to climb up on the cannon and give the thumbs up  while the other captures the moment on camera. Go back to Vicki and show your photo b4 you get your next challenge.

2.Go to the playground near the Centennial Park Cafe and ask some children if they will join you in singing Happy Birthday Constella and ask their parents permission and if they will record the song on your camera phone video. Explain that it is for an Amazing Race party. Make sure you thank everyone. Then back  to show Vicki and get your next challenge.

3.You both have to go to Music making bell sculpture near Centennial Park cafe and either make up your own composition, or a song you know (if you can't think of one, try for she's a squishy marshmallow etc or happy birthday to u, u live in the zoo, you look like a monkey and you smell like one too. You can sing along with your music if you like or keep it as an instrumental. Then head back to Vicki for your next challenge

4.You both get to enhance your partners look- dress them  in 3 items of the clothing from  the clothes basket  make it a fashionable choice as you have to wear these clothes till the  race is over.  When you are finished go back to Vicki and strut your stuff on the catwalk!

5.You work together to answer The  Amazing Race Centennial Park Superquiz as quickly as you can. (See below for superquiz.) You will need to find some information which will help you.  Think about where and how you can find out. You might also know some of the answers without help. Give your answer sheet to Vicki  as soon as u r finished to get your next challenge.

6.Physical Challenge: Between you, you need to complete the following  ( you  have to do half the challenges each, so work it out between you): 1.6 cart wheels one after another 2.Scoot up Parkes Drive to the Winged Lion (gryphon) statue  and scoot  back again. 3.Climb a tree. 4.Crawl around the small playground. (you can go on hands and knees or hands and feet or a combination of the 2) 5.Throw the tennis ball in the air and catch it 10 times without dropping it. 6.Hula Hoop around your waist at least 10 times continuously. Head  back  to Vicki  for your next challenge.

7.One of you is to feed a bird or a duck with bread. Your partner will take a photo of this and then you will  report back to Vicki for next challenge.

8.Collect the following items : 2 pine cones, 2 feathers, 2 small stones,2 leaves, 2 other items that  would be better in the bin than on the ground.  Return to Vicki for next challenge.

9.Go to the ribbon pole and find the ribbon marked with your team name on it  and bring it to Vicki.

10.Unjumble the following words which are all related to Centennial Park: soher, unrsaettar, omothling, nelctanein,  andofrteei, siib, Take your answers back to Vicki. (Answers:horse,restaurant,moonlight,centennial,federation,ibis.) Constella's 12th Birthday Amazing Race Centennial Park Super Quiz

Q1.  How long is the main walking track around Centennial Park?  (2 points)

Q2.  How many ponds are there in Centennial Park? (2 points)

Q2A.  For extra points (1 for each name) what are the names of the 10 ponds in Centennial Park? (10points)

Q3.  How far is it from Centennial Park to the CBD? (2 points)

Q4.  Is Bondi Beach or Sydney Airport closer to Centennial Park? (2 points)

Q5.  What is the name of the circular road in Centennial Park? (2 points)

Q6.  How many play areas with play equipment are there  in Centennial Park? (2 points)

Q7.  Name 6 animals found in Centennial Park? (6 points)

Q8.  What movie is on at the Moonlight Cinema in Belvedere Amphitheatre  in Centennial Park tonight? (2 points)

A1.       3.7km (2 points) A1.       3.7km (2 points)

A2A.     Kensington Ponds (which is actually 3 ponds), Randwick Pond. Duck Pond, Lily Pond, Busbys Pond, Wilson Pond, Casting Pond, Model Yacht Pond, One More shot Pond, Musgrave Pond.(10 points)

A3.       5km (2 points)

A4.      Bondi Beach (5km) Sydney Airport (7km) (2 points)

A5.      Grand Drive (2 points) A6.     3 (2points)

A7.    1. Blue -tongued lizard  2.Turtle  3.Possum  4.Duck  5.Swan 6.Eel  7.Moorhen  8.Ibis  9.Bats 10.Horse   11.Flying foxes  12.Cockatoos  13.Owls (6 points)

A8.   2012 (2 points)

The winners received 2 tattoos each.(No one cared about the prize), but they all wanted to win anyway.We had watermelon slices and birthday cake at the end. A friend came and videoed the race and we made it into a 10 min film which we gave to each girl a couple of weeks after the race. It was a fantastic party, no one was left out and everybody had a great time, learnt a lot about the park and teamwork and had fun and lots of laughs. You could do a similar party in any other similar park.

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