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Reality TV Party 12yr - Roadblock!



May 2010


Sue in Chincoteague, VA Usa

Honorable Mention

Amazing Race Party

I love reality tv shows, like The Amazing Race, and Survivor.  So for me, it was a no brainer to pick a reality tv theme for my 12th birthday. My mom was really enthusiastic.

She helped me design invitations for the party.  They were little cards that said at the top You are Chosen". Then it explained all the details of the party saying that we would pick them up. We put the cards in little canvas drawstring backpacks that wer bought in bulk from Oriental Trading.  We also included a compass a bandana and a map of Chincoteague VA where we live.  They were hand delivered.  On the day of the party my mom picked everyone up in her minivan.  We went to my house. 

My two older brothers were the cameramen. They taped everything with camcorders. My mom took everyone to foyer. She explained the rules of The Caitlin Race and divided us into two teams.  She told us that my dad and aunt were our chaperones. They were to drive us to our different locations we would have to visit throughout the race.

Then she gave the two teams their first clue. It said: Main Street or Balancing Act?  We live on an island with a long history. Our teams could eitherchoose to find assorted landmarks on Main Street or go to the park and do an obstacle course.  My team chose the park. When we got there there was a few sticks with balls on the top and a wooden crate about two feet off the ground. Our first clue explained that we had to balance the sticks on our forehead and walk twenty feet. Then we all had to stand on the little box at the same time not falling for ten seconds. We got to work my brother that was assigned to film us doing so. It took a few tries. The sticks made with instructions from were tricky but manageable. The box was harder. A few of us fell down but we managed to stay on.

Our chaperone handed us our next clue. Roadblock!  We had to go to the island creamery and order a roundup a five scoop mega- sundae. Once we finished we could get on with the race. We went to the creamery and quickly ordered a roundup. Five spoons were issued along with bowls. We divided it up and shoveled it into our mouths. No one minded that road block as much as we should had.

We got our next clue.  Bike or hike?  We could either rent bikes and go around a trail or go on the same trail paper bag in hand and find assorted items ( pinecone red leaf) on a chcklist to receive the next clue. We chose the scavenger hunt.  The other team entered the trail as we were leaving. We were ahead!  Our clue told us we had to complete another roadblock to get our clue. We were to go to the pottery place next to Subway. We went there as quickly as possible. A lady was waiting for us. To unleash our artistic creativity we were to spray pieces of paper with little squirt guns (outside) to create a picture.

After the pictures were dry (we could use the hairdryer provided) we had to go through a tub of goopy paint and find the combination of a locked case written on a piece of paper wrapped in a plastic baggy. Then we could use that to unlock a box ( from Oriental Trading) and receive our next clue.

The box had our clue along with a bag of quarters. After washing the paint off our hands we went to the local mini golf place which also has a rockwall and arcade. The clue told us to go there and then have an air hockey tournament. The winner would then climb to the top of the rockwall and the last clue would be at the top. The air hockey was fun. One of my friends won. She ran to the rock wall and climbed into the harness. She wasn't that good of a climber but managed to get the clue. It told us to go back to my house. There we would learn whether or not the other team- who had slightly different places to go had beat us. We went back to my house and opened the door.

We were escorted to the kitchen and told to sit and wait to be announced. We weren't told whether or not the other team had arrived or not. While we waited my brother did interviews of each player. A few minutes later we went to the foyer. The other team was there too. They had waited in my dads office. Everyone wanted to know who had won the race. My mom dramatically opened a piece of paper. And the winner is  We had lost. Apperantly while my friend has been trying so hard to the top of the rockwall they had beat us. Balloons  were dumped from the second floor balcony.  No one cared we had lost. It had been fun.

We had pizza and a cake with little obstacles on it- a pudding pond of mud withcrocodiles a ring of fire a little rock formation.  Everyone enjoyed my party and I did too. With the thank you notes a included a DVD with all the film that my brothers took. The interviews were funny.  Instead of goodie bags we gave out The Caitlin Race t shirts. I wear mine all the time. I can't wait for my next birthday.

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