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Amazing Race 12yr - Neighborhood Race



January 2005


Tracy in Orem, Utah USA

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Amazing Race Party

We had an Amazing Race Birthday Party for my daughter turning 12 because the 2 of us love to watch that tv show together. She invited 11 kids so we had 6 teams of 2 people on each team. 

The invitations and clues were done in the bright yellow and black colors, flag markers at different locations were red and yellow like the show had been done. The invite: You are invited to come to  The Amazing Birthday Race!  You and your team will race around Kristen’s neighborhood, run into detours, crazy clues & roadblocks as you try to beat the other teams to become the winning team of The Amazing Birthday Race!  The Race begins Saturday, Jan. 8th at 11:00.   Starting location is at Kristen’s House - You are on the Blue Team.  Please wear a Blue shirt. (We had 6 different colors)  Please keep your color a secret until the party!  For parts of the Race you will be OUTSIDE.  Please bring coat, gloves, hat, whatever you need to keep warm & dry during the cold outside time.   Remember, it’s a Race, so wear good running shoes too!  Ending time of Race?  Hopefully around 2:00  Lunch and birthday treats are provided. 

These were the clues and tasks we had:
1) Scavenger Hunt!  Your team must race around to houses and ask for items on this list.  You can only get one thing at each house.  You must get 6 things total.  Place the items in your bag.  A map of the neighborhood is in the bag if you need it. When you have 6 items, return to Kristen's Family Room for inspection and your next clue.  Plastic fork banana peel empty toilet paper roll piece of wrapping paper with stars on it Target ad a dead battery clothespin egg carton  

2)  You must go to House Number ________.  House has a flag marker on front door.  Once there, you'll need to knock on the door and when someone answers say, "May I have a cookie please?"  You will be given one of Kristen's favorite cookies.  You must eat the whole cookie, then you may ask for your next clue.  

3)  Roadblock A Roadblock is a task that only ONE team member may do.  Decide who will do it, then lift the flap to see what the task is.  Slurp It  You must go to Kristen's kitchen  where you will be given a bowl of  jello that you must eat by slurping  with a straw.  When your bowl is  empty, you'll receive your next clue.  

4)  Make your way to the neighborhood park.  Once there, you will work as a team with each person doing a different task.  The first team member must be swinging on a swing while trying to throw balls into a target.  The other team member will be retrieving missed balls and getting them back to the swinging partner.  Once 3 balls have landed in the target, the Mom will give you the next clue. 

5)  Return to the Family Room in Kristen's House.  On the back door, you'll need to write your names according to your arrival order.  This is a mandatory rest period where you will eat some pizza and Kristen will open presents before continuing on with the race. 

6)  In order of your arrival, teams will play a round of "Twister Moves" in the Family Room.  Both partners will play at the same time and when both can do it without errors, you will be able to get the next clue.   Two teams can play at a time.  After the rules are explained, you will wait in another room until it is your turn.  

7)  Detour A Detour is a task that both team members work together to do.   Choose which task you want to do then lift the flap to see what the tasks are.  "X Marks the Spot" Or "It All Adds Up" X Marks the Spot You must untie ribbons  that are tied to tree branches  in Kristen's backyard until you  find a ribbon with a black X on it.   When you have the ribbon,  turn it in to the Mom to receive  your next clue.         OR It All Adds Up In Kristen's family room you  must count the number of beans in the container provided. When you know the number, tell the Mom.  If correct, you'll  receive your next clue.  If not  correct, you must count again  until you add correctly.  

8)   Teams must now go to a front yard and look around until you find a clue box that will have your next clue inside.  Go to House Number 1131.  

9)  You will now need to go to the carport of Kristen's House.  Once there you will take worms from the bucket with your hands, run to the other side and fill the bottle with the worms.  Try not to drop the worms.  Both team members will do this task.    When you've reached the marked line on the bottle you may receive your next clue. (Worms were overcooked spaghetti colored red in big buckets of water.  They had to fill a 2-liter bottle to the line I had painted on it ) 

10)  Roadblock A Roadblock is a task that only ONE team member may do.  The team member who did not do the last Roadblock must do this one. Lift the flap to see what the task is. "Baby Face"  You must go to Kristen's kitchen  where you will be given a container  of unmarked baby food.  You must  eat without a spoon, fork or  anything else.  When your container  is empty, you'll receive your next clue. (I was nice and gave them baby peaches that I colored with red food coloring so they didn't know what it was when they first saw it) 

11)  Scavenger Hunt Part 2!  This is the last leg of the race!  You must get 6 things on the list at 6 different houses. Put items in your bag, and return to Kristen's Family Room.  Write your names on the paper on the back door in the order you arrive. The scavenger hunt items will be inspected and determine what place you win in the Amazing Birthday Race!  Then, we'll eat cake!  a blown up balloon ( you blow it up if you need to) a new pencil - never sharpened a birthday candle something yellow empty drink container from fast food place store receipt a 1993 penny an almost gone bar of soap  The party was a HUGE success; the kids had so much fun even though it made them tired.  I had another mom help me with the party and we were both very busy.  All the kids got candy bars and other little things for awards and the first place team got something extra. It was alot of work planning but it was so much fun and is still being talked about days later.

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