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Amazing Race Party 4yr - Treasure Chest



September 2005


Jeanette in Welland, Ontario, Canada

Honorable Mention

Amazing Race Party

For my son's 4th birthday party we had an Amazing Race Party.  We had 4 teams - 1 child, plus 1 or 2 adults, and started our race by the crabapple tree.  When each team was in position, I handed them there first clue, making sure no-one opened them until all teams were ready. 

On my mark they read there first clue:  Here the Race begins, Go to the Sandbox and Dig In!  North, South, East, West Find the treasure that measures this best!  When you've found the correct "treasure" you will receive your next clue.  

This was the first challenge.  The teams needed to find a small compass to receive their next clue.  I found a package of four plastic compasses at Liquidation World and hid them in the sandbox.  I also hid measuring spoons and cups and other knick knacks.  Once the teams showed the correct item they received clue number 2 from the volunteer at the sandbox (my sister-in-law). 

The next clue read:  (proceed to the yellow balloons, which I tied to the table legs at the next area)  DETOUR  Choose One task to complete.  Both teammates must participate.  Once you have completed the task, you will receive you next clue. 

PUZZLE OR GUZZLE  Complete the puzzle to receive your next clue.  This task required the teams to put together a simple 15pce puzzle. ONLY I mixed up 3 of the same puzzle on a table to make it more difficult.  If the teams chose Guzzle, their instrutctions read:  Fill the cup with water.  Once full, one teammate must drink the full cup.  Only a shot glass can be used to fill the cup.  This task had teammates running to a table with a tub of water and shot glasses on it(plus plastic cups for the kids because they were really young).  They needed to fill the shot glass with water and then run, or walk! To a large cup on another table.  They continued this way until the cup was full and then on member drank the water. 

Once each team completed one of these two tasks, they received their next (and last) clue.  It read:  (proceed to the red balloons, which I tied to the trees at the start of the next area)  ROADBLOCK  Only one team member may complete this task.   In, Out, Over, Under  Follow the Yarn maze to the Golden plunder.  Once you've crossed the Finish Line, Bring your treasure to the backyard. 

Pick a treasure chest to decorate!  For this final task I set up a yarn maze similar to that listed under Games on this website.  I used four different coloured yarns a tied them to different small trees, then sent each in a different direction.  I used our kiddie slide, a big tree, bushes, the porch etc. to weave the yarn through, around, under, over and then finally all met at a tent, which they passed through.  Once through the tent the yarn was tied to little containers of "jewels".  These jewels were dollar store stick-on gems. 

As the kids at this party were 4 and under, we ended the race here.  They took their "jewels" to the backyard where I had set up a kiddie table with treasure boxes on it to decorate.  The boxes were also from the dollar store.  I spray painted them gold and filled them with chocolate "Coins"  from Bulk Barn.  I also gave the kids favour bags with other treasure type stuff like ring pops, candy bracelets and necklaces, jelly beans, small plastic kaleidescope and magnifying glass, and squirt fish. 

We then enjoyed some food and for the birthday cake I made white cupcakes and decorated them with white icing and gold coloured sugar to look like golden treasure.  For older kids there is a lot of potential for this game.  The little ones had fun running from challenge to challenge and it was fast and simple, and everyone wins.  Perfect for young kids.

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