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Amazing Race 12yr - Neighborhood Race



April 2006


Abi in Livermore,CA, United States

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Amazing Race Party

For my 12th birthday party I had the Amazing Birthday Race ! I had 12 friends of all ages. It was a big hit and is still talked about now. I had a sleepover.

For the invitations: I used yellow posterboard paper(to go with the amazing race color theme yellow and black)and I put a black stripe down the front. Inside it read " You are invited to Abi's Amazing Birthday Sleeover Race. This race consists of crazy roadblocks and detours as you go around Abi's neighborhood looking for clues. Please wear running shoes, bring sleepover essentials, and prepare for the fun.

Decorations: For the decorations I got a black tablecloth, yellow and black balloons, yellow/black streamers, yellow napkins, and white and black plates. I hung everything up in the dining room winding the 2 different color streamers together and hanging balloons in the middle of the table. This party required a lot of preparation but it was worth it. Before the party started I put all the clues(slips of paper) in separate envolopes (one clue for each tean).

The guests arrived and we chatted for a bit before starting the party. I had 6 teams of 2. Here are the clues I used : Challenge #1= All team memebers must go to their color marked (I had each team have a color)tree in Abi's back yard and untie the ribbons on the trees searching for the one with the "X" then you will receive your next clue.

Challenge #2= Roadblock: A roadblock is a task performed by only one person. For the detour one team member must go to Abi's kitchen and finish eating a bowl of jello…through a straw. You must then with all your team embers search the playground at the park for you next clue (that was so funny to see how hard they tried…we took lots of pictures).

Challenge #3( I hid this clue envelope on the playground)= Your team must now found 5 circles of paper(our of 50) the color of your team. Once you have found all 5 your clue will be on a picnic table.

Challenge #4= Your team must go into Abi's family room.You will find 2 magazines and a list of things you must find in the magazines (one team member per mag).You oweill then right the number of the page it was found (I had premade fill out paper). Y0u will show it to Abi's Mom to be accepted.

Challenge #5: Roadblock: For this roadblock one member of you team must search the car parked in Abi's driveway for 3 pencils with a band of your team's color. Please take of shoes. Save your pencils and them bring them to my Dad. He will give you 2 pieces of paper and both team members must write the happy birthday song and then present it to him and he will give you your next clue.

Challenge #6= Go to the bottom of the TV hutch start with the movie"___________" And keep following the clues for which movie to find next until you get to your next clue.

Challenge #7 Find 2 pieces fo paper in the books that have the color of your team on them in the bookshelf.

Challenge #8= Go to the kitchen and have one team member feed the other a jar of baby food. Baby sounds are optional. (I got pear Gerber baby this looked so absolutely funny).

When you have completed your jar find Abi's little sister and she will give you your next task. (#9 Emilie gave them each a 100 piece puzzle (available at the dollar store)). They finished their puzzle and I gave them there last clue.

Challenge #10 Take a water balloon and pass it back and forth until you get to the mark pit stop at the park if you drop the balloon you must come back and get a new one. (I had my Dad wait at the park with a yellow and black flag as soon as people got this clue.)

We took pictures of the winners at the pit stop as my dad announced that they were winners as well as every other placing. I then had everybody come back into the house and awarded the winners with 2 body washes (VaVa Vanilla and Chocolate Swirl(available at Ulta)).This race lasted 3 hours so it fullfilled most of the games.

Food: For dinner we ate tacos and I had each person build there own taco. We had coke along with that. My Mom made a delicious cookies and cream mud pie with oreo crust and fudge sauce. 2 extra games: 1= throughout this party I would yell out my name and when I did everybody would have to yell out theres and whoever yelled out theres last was out until there was one person left and this person won a fuzzy pink nail file. 2= Then we played an online truth or dare game available at . We watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants at around 2 am. We talked until 5! The next morning we talked and said our goodbyes .

Goodies: I gave each person a black beaded Initial for there names with a black and pink spotted bow (custom $10).
 I developed these pictures and put them in my scrapbook and it was surely the best party I've ever had.

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