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Amazing Race Party 8yr - At the Park



March 2007


Heather in Las Vegas, NV USA

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Amazing Race Party

INVITATION:  Made a folder with Amazing Birthday Race" on the outside.  They opened it and inside was a map and the party instructions.  I put the invitation in a modified FEDEX envelope and covered the envelope with paper and decorated the outside.  This way the kids would open their invitation just like on the show.   

DÉCOR: Clue Boxes- my husband bought inexpenive metal mail boxes that have the flip top.  He added a post and a base.  Back Packs- I made draw string bags for each child and filled it with a bottle of water compass pencil paper shovel and granola bar.  Clues- once again I used modified FEDEX envelopes and had the clues for each task in the envelope. ***minimal décor as the party revolved around the Race 

LOCATION:  Large Park with various areas 

RACE:  We opted to have 2 legs of the race (lunch was served after the first leg).  I have a very supportive family and friends.  Our birthday parties are elaborate each year and my family and friends ask what their jobs will be.  We determined how many kids would be at the party and broke the teams into 3 kids each with one adult (Parents got to hang out at the party site and relax).  The "team parents" lined up and were given a number each of the kid teams were given a math clue and the answer determined who their "team parent" would be.  The "team parent" then presented their team with their first clue and off they went.       

CLUE 1:  they had to find the volleyball courts and dig up a puzzle (some puzzles were 25 pcs and others were 100pcs)- they had to take their puzzle to a puzzle board and put it together.  My dad was in charge of determining when the teams puzzle was "complete" and give them their next clue. (found the puzzles at the dollar store)     

CLUE 2:  they had to run across the park and use their compasses to find the basketball courts.  I had purchased (after Easter at Michaels) about 600 plastic eggs.  The teams had to open the eggs and find the numbers 1 to 10 and then a picture of a birthday cake.  My mother in law determined when the task was complete and gave them their next clue.     

CLUE 3:  they had to use their compasses and run to the frisbee golf area and find my father in law.  He presented the teams with (5) frisbees and they had to through the frisbees into hoola hoops that were laying on the ground in several areas.  Once this task was complete they got their next clue.     

CLUE 4:  No activity- they had to find a clue box with their compass to receive their next clue.     

CLUE 5:  They were told that this was the end of leg 1 of the race and they had to find the hot dog cart.  My husband had a hot dog cart near the party area for the kids to have their mandatory rest and food.  The teams followed the clues to find the cart and then enjoyed their food.  -Once all of the teams ate the team that came in first got to have a 2 minute head start and their "team parent" gave them their next clue.  The other teams were close behind.      

CLUE 5:  They had to use their compass to find the "playdoh" area- choose a card the sculpt the picture on the card (only one team player could sculpt) the other team mates had to guess correctly what they sculpted (no words or clues) and then they received their next clue.     

CLUE 6:  The kids had to use their compasses to find large buckets.  One teammate had to stand in the bucket- the other 2 teammates had to get sponges wet (about 10-15 ft away) throw the sponges to the teammate in the bucket and fill the buckets to a designated line.  Once complete they got their next clue.     

CLUE 7:  The kids used their compass and made their way to a picnic area and had to choose a beaded bracelet.  They had to duplicate the design with the beads and string we provided.  Each teammate made a bracelet.  Once this was completed they received their next clue.       

CLUE 8:  This is the end of the race- the first team back to the finish line is the winner! 

Once all of the teams came back we presented the winning team with a special prize but each of the teams got prizes for their efforts.  Along the way of the race the kids were able to keep various items (puzzle playdoh frisbee bracelet)- their goodie bags were their backpacks and we added candy as well.  We served cake at the end of the race and opened gifts.    The kids had a blast and the "team parents" did too a little competitiveness came out!"

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