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Amazing Race 10yr - Flags on the Trail



June 2007


Pamela in Bedford, Noa Scotia Canada


Amazing Race Party

My son loves the show Amazing Race and this party was his idea for his 10th, so myself and my husband began to create the best birthday party ever we have done for our children. Preparing and purchasing the items for the party was worth it.   

Prior to the party: We set out 5 different routes around our property which was marked with different coloured flags for each route.  Each route was marked with flags which took the children through the woods up over hills, not too long as they were only 10 yrs old.  At end of each trail it was marked with the same coloured flag as the trail they began on ( start red end in red, start at yellow end in yellow etc). 

At the end of each route there were boxes which were purchased ( they were precut all we had to do was put them together and attach a hinge for a combination lock).  Inside each box was 5 Road block envelops which were number 1-5 and inside each envelope was a riddle describing the road block. This took about 2 days. 

Once the children arrived you gave them instructions on the race and gave ademonstration on how to open the combination lock.  The children we at the back of the house waiting for the race to start, we divided them up into 5 teams of 3 players. From there they ran around to the front of the house and had to find the Ziplock back that was assigned to them, inside were durags or headbands for each team member, each team had different head bands, there was also a note book and pencil. 

As the boxes were sealed with a combination lock, in each note book there were 5 different combinations for each lock so when they arrived at the end of the route they had to open the combination lock while trying all 5 combinations too see which one would open the box, they had to use the process of elimination throughout the race on each leg to open the boxes. 

Each team was assigned a flag colour and had to carry a piece of foam with the same colour on that leg of the race.  SO 5 teams headed off in 5 different directions that were premarked and well marked so that no one would get lost, so once they arrived at the end of the route they had to start the process of elimination to figure out which correct combination would open the box. Once they were successful that had to retrieve a Road block envelope that was correctly number, and follow the path back to the house. 

Once all teams arrive back at the house we commenced the road blocks.   After each road block each team travelled a different colour route while carrying the coloured coded foam same as the route they were on.   

Road Block 1st: a team member from each team were up in the tree house while another member was on the ground and blind folded.  The team member had to use their voice to guide their team mate to a tennis ball on the ground, all 5 teams were performing this at the same time. 

Quite funny. 2nd: each team had to bob for 5 apples out of a small pool, the pool was deep so this was halirious.

3rd: each team member had to make a braclet for themselves, 30 beads per braclet and no two colours were to be together. Strings and beads were put together in zip lock bags prior to the party.

4th: 20 questions were created and the teams had 15 minutes to complete them. They ranged from geography, math, trivia to unsramble the word.

5th: the old fashion 3 legged race and an egg run.  Since it was the amazing race the fastest team based on timing was the winner.    The evening ended with 13 boys having a blast while they watched fire works.    Full time to complete the race was 3 hours.  We set our time for 4 hours and it was perfect time for food, cake, and fireworks.  It was worth everything because at the end of the night by 10 yr old was beaming because he had so much fun.

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