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American Girl Doll -6yr- Doll Tea Party



September 2010


Karla in fayetteville, ga usa

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American Girl Party

My daughter has several American Girls dolls, so we had a doll tea party for her 6th birthday.

DECORATIONS: We decorated the table with a pink tablecloth and filled small vases that I purchased at the thrift store with flowers. We borrowed white folding chairs from our church.  I hung colored necklaces down from the overhead light.

At each seat, each girl had a lace hat (I got these at Target for a dollar), pearl necklaces, a small pink mesh box filled with mints, and glass tea cups and plates. For the doll's tables, we purchased two cheap round side tables--the kind with the stick legs that you screw on--my husband cut the legs off the table so that the dolls could sit on the floor and the table came up to the doll's chest.  After we got the right length, we spray painted them white. After the tables dried, I decorated them with American girl pictures. We put one doll table in each corner.

For the dolls, I had plastic plates and cups set up with pretend slices of pizza and plastic grapes on the plate (I purchased this on ebay under doll food).  The dolls had pearl necklaces and small doll crowns at each of their plates. 

The girls arrived, put their dolls at the doll table, and then sat down, put their hat on and enjoyed their tea party.  For the girls tea party, I purchased clear glass tea cups and saucers at the thrift store.  I set up 3 diffent tables at the party: the TEA table, the SALON" table and the CRAFT table. Each table had tableclothes that were either red hot pink or orange--the colors of American Girl. 

PARTY SNACKS: We had lemonade or sweet tea nuggets fruit and chips.

ACTIVITIES: After tea we went to the SALON area.(make sure you put on the invite for the girls to bring dolls with hair) I set out hair clips rubber bands spray bottles wet naps to wash the doll's faces pretend hair dryers sponge rollers plastic doll brushes and spray glitter for the girls.  This was their favortite part! They loved curling the hair blowdrying. 

After this the girls went to the CRAFT table where they made scrapbooks with pictures that I cut out of american girls books and we also had other stickers to choose from. At that table I also had crowns and wands to decorate that I purchased at the dollar tree.

GAMES: We played American Girl Bingo which I purchased on ebay and also "drop the clothespin in the jar". For bingo prizes I gave out fun girly items that I purchased from the dollar tree.

FAVORS: The girls brought home their vase of flowerstea hats mints and their decorated wands crowns and scrapbooks. The  dolls brought home their pearl necklaces crowns and any hair items that they got at the "salon". The girls had a blast and kept busy the entire day.  My daughter is now 8 and wants to have another doll party this year!   "

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