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American Girl Tea -6yr- Tea Pot Toss



July 2008


Alisa in Garland, TX, USA

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American Girl Party

For my daughter's 6th birthday she requested an American Girl Tea Party  to be held at our home.  Actually, I suggested the tea party component because I still had lots of antique tea cups and saucers from the Alice in Wonderland tea party she had a few years ago!  This party could, of course, be for any type of 15 to 18 doll. 

INVITATIONS: For the invitations, I found a darling one online that I had custom printed: Elizabeth's having a tea party, It's going to be lots of fun; So, Dahling, if you can make it, She would love for you to come; Wear a pretty party dress, And bring your favorite doll; We'll play some games and drink some tea, We'll really have a ball.  If you, specifically, want the girls to bring their AG dolls, put a note at the bottom of the invitation, like:  Don't forget to bring your favorite American Girl or other 18 doll. 

DECORATIONS: In addition to the teacups and saucers that I already had, I purchased small plates, sugar bowls, and teapots.  The china is all mismatched, and really makes a lovely table.  I found all of the china at antique shops or Ebay. Start planning early so you can collect what you need!  If you already have china, you could use it, as long as you wouldn't mind if something gets broken. I also borrowed and purchased, on Ebay, lace tablecloths and layered them over solid pastel colors.  For place cards, I used small white purse shaped favor boxes (Michaels in the wedding section) and decorated with teapot/ teacup stickers and wrote the names.  Fill them with candy, such as pastel colored mints and this will be part of their party favor. 

For centerpieces, I used fresh roses in little teacup planters (any pretty vase would do) and tucked vintage hankies (ebay) and long strands of vintage pearls in, as well.  For napkins, I use vintage hankies also, and made napkin holders out of hair bands with silk flowers hot glued to them (also a favor). I used demitasse spoons to complete the place setting. We had all finger foods, so no other utensils were needed.  Of course, you need to have a doll table as well.  I made one with a piece of plywood and some flowerpots for support. It will be covered with a tablecloth so it doesn't need to look pretty. The dolls can sit on the floor around the table.  I also, purchased mini tea sets online to use for the doll's table.  Each place setting could be a party favor.  I'm keeping ours for future tea parties! Decorate the doll's table similar to the girl's.  I used little linen cocktail napkins folded up for the dolls and made mini versions of the flower napkin rings. 

ACTIVITIES: When the girls arrive with their dolls, have them find a place for them at the doll table.  As they arrive, have them start on the crafts.  I bought straw sun hats for the girls and dolls and they decorated them with silk flowers and ribbons. (try craft glue dots, so they can do it themselves).  We also made paper fans for the girls and their dolls using construction paper.  (First, glue on a doily and then accordian fold the paper. Purchase small doilies and cut small paper to use for the doll fans. 

After, or between crafts have a few games, such as Tea Pot Toss (toss tea bags into oversized tea pot. (we had a large toy plastic teapot for this, you could also make one with cardboard shaped teapot glued to the front of a bowl or other container). 

Another game is Pass the Teapot (start and stop music, whoever is holding the teapot when music stops is out). If another game is needed try Sugar Cube Stacking (whoever makes the tallest sugar cube stack wins).

After each game let the girls pick out rings and long plastic pearl necklaces or other costume jewelry (Oriental Trading Co. or US Toy) to wear when having tea. They will have their hats and fans to wear also.  When it is tea time, have each guest find their place and ask them to sit with their hands in their laps.  At this time, we had a mini tea etiquette lesson including how to sip their tea quietly, not to drink from the spoon, place their napkin in their lap, always say please and thank you, etc.  Of course, tell them the most important rule: Have fun and enjoy your tea and treats! 

PARTY SNACKS AND CAKE: Instead of tea, I served warm apple juice.  There are recipes on the internet for vanilla milk tea or lemonade tea, if you prefer. Be sure to have sugar cubes for the girls to add to any hot or warm beverage. They loved that!  Serve pb&j or other tea sandwiches cut into shapes with flower cookie cutters.  I also served cheese cubes and mini fruit kabobs.  I made mini cakes for the doll's table (how to in the AG mini's cook book).  We also had cupcakes decorated with white icing and edible flowers and little pearl candies (purchased at a cake decorating store). My 10 year old daughter and her friend served the tea and also helped with all of the crafts and games. Just for fun, I had tea, champagne, tea sandwiches, mini scones and cupcakes in the kitchen for the moms who wanted to stick around. 

FAVORS: The party favors include the place cards, hats, fans, jewelry and the doll place settings, if you desire.  You will need a helper to wrap or box them up. I placed paper goodie bags (decorated with pretty stickers) with each girl's name on them in the entry hall.  They could place any small favors in these throughout the party or as they left. 

COSTUMES: FYI..I found beautiful matching girl's and doll dresses on Ebay much cheaper than the AG store! My daughter could not wait to get herself and her doll dressed for the party!  This is a fun party that your daughter and friends will love and remember for a long time!

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