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American Doll -7yr- Paper Doll Invites



August 2008


Jill in Canonsburg, PA  USA

Honorable Mention

American Girl Party

For my daughter's 7th birthday party she wanted to celebrate with her American Girl doll.  We knew not all of her friends had an actual American Girl so we told them to bring a favorite doll or stuffed animal!  We had 10 7 year-olds and their dolls or animals.

INVITES:  Cut out paper dolls, on outside wrote _____'s turning 7! Come Celebrate! On the dress part on inside- "We're having a party with food friends and fun!  We'd love for you both to be there We hope you can come!  Under this little poem we put the where when and RSVP info.  We also included a message to bring a doll at least 12".

DECORATIONS:  Keep very simple- pink and white streamers tablecloths pink & white balloons.  We made a Happy Birthday sign on poster board.  We set a small table for all of the dolls- we put a mini table cloth on a small kid sized picnic table.  We put flowers in the middle set out our tea party dishes in front of each doll.  When the girls arrived they placed their dolls at the table and put party hats on them!  So cute to see the different dolls and stuffed animals dressed and sitting at the party!

ACTIVITIES:  After getting the dolls set at the table the girls made pretty and colorful tissue paper flowers to use as the centerpiece for the big girls table!   Each girl also decorated a small canvas bag that we said was to carry all of their party goodies in.  I found small bags very inexpensive and the girls used fabric markers glue and jewels or flowers.  They ended up signing their names to each girls' bag- cute idea!

We also had beach/bucket hats for the girls AND dolls that they decorated as matching hats- jewels flowers ribbons markers.  The hats for the girls were very inexepensive 2/$1.00 on sale at Michael's the doll hats were a little more expensive but worth it.  We took a picture of each girl with their hats and dolls!

GAMES:  Pin the pacifier on the doll's mouth- Drew a baby doll on poster board and cut out pacifiers- this game is a classic and the girls loved it! 

Tray game- 10 baby items on tray look at for 1 minute remove tray and try to remember what was on the tray. 

Baby Food game- I had 8 different jars of baby food and the girls had to taste and name the food- lots of laughs on this one!  After the game each girl picked a prize from a basket I had of candy and small little toys. 

Guess The Number of Gummy Bears in the Baby Bottle- easy and fun! 

Treasure Hunt- found little baby doll items (rattles very small diapers little plastic bottles small teddy bears small buckets filled with candy little yo-yo and small bottles of bubbles- we hid these items all around the yard and gave the girls a list of the items they needed to find.  They put all items in the bags they had decorated. 

We alternated between the games and activities.  The girls had their dolls with them at various times and left them at the party table when they didn't want to carry them. 

FOOD:  Simple snacks chips pretzels fruit set out to munch on. 

CAKE:  To sing Happy Birthday we made sugar cookies that the girls iced and decorated themselves- sprinkles mini chocolate chips colored sugar.  We served small cups of ice-cream with the cookies.  The dolls each got a double stuffed oreo dipped in chocolate with a cake decoration (the kind that Wilton makes in the shape of a party hat) centered on the top- these were adorable and the girls loved them!

For presents each girl sat with the birthday girl and both dolls for adorable pictures! 

Everyone had a ball- even the dolls!  While we were waiting for parents to pick up the girls we played music and the girls and dolls danced!  This was a very easy inexpensive party that my daughter LOVED!   "

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