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Kit Party -7yr- Hobo, Hobo, Kit (duck, duck, goose)



November 2008


Annette in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Honorable Mention

American Girl Party

For my daughters 7 year old birthday party, we are basing it upon the American Girl Doll movie Kit Kitteridge: An American Girl. 

For INVITATIONS, I was able to copy off of the American Girl Doll web site under the Kit wall paper a picture of Kit.  Then just using a Times New Roman Font, and cutting and pasting stars on the I's, I was able to make the American Girl logo for the front of the invitation.  Inside I gave the info about the party, and then wrote this Kit Kitteridge faces the hard times of the Early Great Depression.  Her family has to make adjustments and changes after her father looses his job.  They take on boarders and Kit meets a variety of  friends including the Hobos. 

Kit's biggest dream is to become a newspaper reporter. ____'s party will all be based upon the adventures of Kit so if you get a chance watch the movie Kit Kitteridge: An American Girl before the party."  Most of the girls are into it and have seen it anyways but it did just come out on video too.  I also wrote "Bring your American Girl doll or other 18" if you have one.  If you need to borrow one we will have extras."  We have plenty of friends who have dolls to share.  

DECORATIONS-For decorations we are going to use Red white and blue stars with pictures (from the american girl doll catelog and website) of the dolls and girls on them.  And then I borrowed older cousins and friends dolls to put around. We are also going to put red white and blue streamers around.  

GAME IDEAS-While waiting for everyone to arrive I printed off Fran's Hobo signs off the internet.  I am going to have the girls to make up a story using as many hobo signs as they can and then share them.   I will then tell them we needed to dress the part of the Great Depression Era so we will play the relay where you get in 2 lines the first person runs to the clothes puts them on turns in 2 circles takes them off runs back and tags the next player.  I am just going to put a skirt shirt hat and gloves from that era.  

We are then going to play Hobo, Hobo, Kit (Just like Duck, Duck, Goose).

Our next game is a Scooter relay (just like Kit has a scooter in the movie).  After breaking into 2 groups the first person drives the scooter to first stop.  Kit sells eggs in the movie so I am going to get 2 egg cartons and put golf balls around and they will have tofill up their egg carton with golf balls.  They then drive scooter to next stop Kit wants to be a reporter so they get a note pad (which they get to take home at the end) and write "Doll" on it.  At the last stop they drive scooter to it pick up a rolled newspaper and try to throw it into a hula hoop run back to tag the next player.  

The Last game is a Scavenger hunt.  In the movie they solve the mystery of who stole the jewels from everyone and find where they buried it.  So following hobos signs (google hobo signs)on the clues they find the next clue and eventually the treasure. Inside the treasure box will be a goodie bag for every one with candy necklaces for them and their dolls (I am just getting cheap ones at the party store and doll t-shirt and jewels.

CRAFT-So once they find the doll t-shirts and jewels we do our craft which is to decorate them.  I found an american girl doll book "Doll Tees: Sparkling Shirts to Make Your Doll Shine! (American Girl Library)" by Trula Magruder and Casey Lukatz that has 3 shirts and jewels plus ideas on how to decorate them for 13.95.  I also got free shipping on  So I bought 4 of them for the 12 girls.  

PARTY FAVORS-They get to take home the treats and necklaces found in the treasure box the notebook and the doll tees.   For a cake I am going to go to a bakery that scans in pictures and scan in the Kit Kitteridge Face.  Since the party is in the middle of the day we will just have cake and ice cream and then open presents.  I am excited for the big day and hope someone can benefit from my ideas.  "

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