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American Idol Karaoke -11yr- Lights & Disco Ball



Feb. 2004


Rhonda in Union, NE USA


American Idol Party

My daughter and her friends love watch American Idol and sing karaoke so I thought it would be fun for her 11th birthday if we had and American Idol party. 

We designed a stage out of cardboard and draped fabric on the sides and top.  Lights were set along the front and a disco ball was going too. 

The karaoke machine was ready with all of their favorite songs.

We started the party with everyone wearing their favorite outfit.  My sister who is a nail person gave them all mini-manicures and painted nails.  I applied make-up(not too much, just a little blush and lip gloss) then we did their hair in any crazy way they wanted.  We used hair spray paint and twisted, banded, whatever they wanted to top off their look. 

Snacks were available throughout the evening. 

Next the girls were each given their own pair of sunglasses to wear and other props were available too. (Hats, boas, etc.)  

Before the karaoke began we gave each girl a chance to be in their own photo shoot, using my digital camera, and a group shot was taken at the end.  The photo's were printed during the performance for them to take home. Next the girls each sang karaoke either alone or with a friend.  We had the video camera set up to tape all the fun!!  

After all of the singing and dancing we ate pizza, watched a movie and had the best sleepover ever.  They all felt like American Idol winners that night,(Simon free). 

Copies of their karaoke night were sent to each girl as a thank you for attending the party and for the wonderful gifts.  What memories!!!

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