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American Idol Party - Star Cake



May 2006


Maria in United States


American Idol Party

For my teens party we had an american idol party.

I made the invitations using currently owned print software. The invites included a ticket for admission. The girls and I decorated the invites by gluing on gems. Naturally we asked for a RSVP, and thankfully all guests obliged. Prospective guests were encouraged to prepare for one of three songs: What Dreams Are Made Of, Supermodel, or Girl In the Band (lyrics were included). In consideration of the perhaps shy guests the invite stated that alternatively the guests could be agents, judges, or audience support. The RSVP that was included in the invitation served as a registration form, adding to the fun of the festivities.  

Decorating was fun. We fashioned a stage of sorts and used a big backdrop which had the slogan American Idol.  Upon arrival the guests were directed to decorate a star with their name. These were also added to the backdrop and later sent home with each guest. This arts and crafts time allowed time for every guest to arrive.   This party was also a slumber party, so we knew that in addition to a fun-filled dinner and snacks, we would also need to serve breakfast, and of course, cake and ice cream. We had pizza delivered in, provided chips, veggies with dip, and candies for snacking. For breakfast we had fresh fruit and made mini m&m pancakes. It was important to us that we kept the food familiar and kid-friendly.

As per request from Courtney, we pre-ordered her cake from a local bakery. The cake was shaped like a star.  

Of course we had a make-up, hair styling and costumizing session. We had prepared a welcome kit for each guest, a make-up bag complete with make-up, hair-pins and a hair-piece, nail polish, and a fake head mic. The costumes were already owned dance costumes, and loaned to the guests/contestants. We spent plenty of time doing hair up-do's, make-up, nails, and final touches prior to the stage moments. I made sure to bring glitter spray and tons of other fun accents. While stage make-up is a familiar process to my daughter and a few others in attendance, for some guests this was a totally new experience.

Later that evening the girls did facials, complete with a mask and cucumber slices on their eyes.   It turned out that all guests performed on stage, to which the judges and audience were very supportive (no Simon such comments allowed!). A twelve way tie was declared and each guest received a trophy, which we had purchased at a local awards store. The girls had a lot of fun and returned to the stage after dinner for an extended karaoke session.  

Later in the evening the girls played name that tune, twister, and a few other games. Additionally they watched a movie, snacked, talked and giggled. Courtneys mother and I slept close-by, as it is our view that 10-year-olds need to have (at least) audio supervision. When you have a room full of twelve very opinionated and spirited girls, disagreements occur and a mild adult intervention can assist toward quickly diffusing negativity and setting the group back toward unity. As is probably obvious, little sleep transpired. Morning arrived and knowing that the party guests would be leaving around 11:00am, we served breakfast around 10:00am.  

All of the guests had a splendid time, felt like stars, and continue to talk about how fun the event was months later!

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