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American Idol -11yr- Idol Quiz Game



January 2009


Ashely in Maryland USA


American Idol Party

For my 11th birthday, I had American Idol Party.

INVITATION-My mom and I printed out people singing and we colored them black, then we printed out American Idol logos, and we pasted them to the people that were covered in the dark, and we took ordinary white paper, folded it in half, then cut 3 inches to the right, then we glued it to the singing person and I wrote down the information, what, when, where, etc.

DECORATION- For Decorations, we printed out a huge American Idol logo, but instead of American Idol, we printed Ashely's Idol. Then we pasted it right next to our front door. The room was filled with streamers, and balloons. We also found huge pieces of cardboard paper, printed out Simon, Paula, Randy, and Ryan. We pasted them on the cardboard, and cut out the remaining cardboard. The singing was going to be in the living room.

ACTIVITIES- The first activity was that there was a quiz all about American Idol. My dad searched on the internet, American Idol quizzes, and then he made a power point. That took about 45 minutes.

COSTUMES- For costumes, we found at our local craft store lots of boas, and bead necklaces, we also found microphones, but on the top part, we put glitter glue so it would be just like a microphone. Then we found lots of Hannah Montana dresses and outfits at Limited Too and Justice so the girls could change if they wanted to.

GAMES- For singing, we pasted numbers on their backs like American Idol, and my mom, my dad, and my uncle were the judges. We had contests on who could sing one song the best, and who was the most funniest singer, the best singer, the best outfit singer, the best Rihanna singer, the best Jonas Brothers singer, etc. Then we gave out awards, we found Oscar like trophies at AC Moore and we put labels on them for the awards. That took 1 hour 15 minutes.

PARTY SNACKS- My mom made something called double flip pretzels, where one side of the pretzel is covered in chocolate and the other side is covered in Vanilla. Also,we had Cheeto's, Pirate's  Booty, and Doritos. Then my mom made Idol punch, where she mixes Hawaiian Punch with Kool-Aid and it tastes really good!

CAKE AND FAVORS- For my cake, mt mom baked a chocolate cake that had a microphone on it, and said  in cursive Sing IT!" Favors were a bag with an American Idol logo and it had American Idol lip glossAmerican Idol pencil a Coca Cola eraser and a few twix bars and 1 M&M mini packet.

Overall my party was a huge success and I got lots of cool gifts. I hope I helped you guys make an awesome party!"

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