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American Idol Party - iTunes Gift Card Award



January 2010


Erin in PA, USA


American Idol Party

So for my birthday party I am having an American Idol party cuz all my friends and I love American Idol.

INVITATIONS: For Invitations I kept it simple. I got some polka dotted paper and put the American Idol logo on it. I listed when, where, etc.

DECORATIONS: For the decorations the color theme was lime green and light blue. I put balloons and streamers everywhere. I got a big table of ours and bought a star at Party City. I wrote American idol on it like the show. I then, made a backstage area behind the big table. I found a blue blanket and hung a HUGE American Idol logo on it. Behind it I put bean bags, my iPod, speakers, a mirror, and some other stuff. There is a closet in my basement (where the party was taken place) so I put pink streamers & balloons in there and made the the glamour-room." I had my flat iron curling iron hair dryer make-up hair ties headbands etc. in it.

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: We played American Idol of course. This is how I did it. I told all the girls they had to put on a performance. The maximum people in a performance was 2. They could do anything they wanted but had to sing. I gave them a half hour to get together their performance. Most of them did a dance or a show with the song. After the half hour I gave them 20 minutes to do their hair and costumes. They could get anything from my closet and the "glamour-room." After that we picked out of a hat for the order of the performances. Some of them did their real voices others made up the own character. 

Me my older sister my younger sister and my brother were the judges. We dressed up as our judge. For example I was Paula so I dressed up in my sparkly dress had my chiwawa  (her name is bubbles) in a purse and lots of jewelry. We told them what we thought. Before the party I thought of fourteen awards. I only gave out eight because some groups had 2. Ex: Best hair best performance funniest and others.

COSTUMES: Everyone came dressed in their regular clothes but changed into my clothes for their performances. I had a sheet of questions that I made before the party. They had lyrics from some songs and you had to guess what song it was. I gave each person that won an iTunes gift card to buy some songs!! Later in the night we played games light truth or dare would you rather and stuff.

PARTY SNACKS: The snacks were blue and green m&ms (personalized) cheese curls soda lemonade candy popcorn LOTS OF POPCORN!! For dinner we went out but for breakfast the next morning we had either an amazing donut (they had m&ms on them!!) cinnamon buns pancakes or waffles.

CAKE: I went to a local bakery and asked for them to copy the American Idol logo onto it. It looked awesome. They did a cool design around the edges too. It was yummy!

FVAORS: Their favors was what their award was. I gave them each a bag hat had something to do with their award. They each got candy lip gloss a personal note and something that included their award ex: "Best Hair" got a gift card to a salon in my town. Hope you try this out.

My friends and I loved it and still talk about it today. THREE YEARS AFTER!! This is great for any age."

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