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Veterinarian Party -6yr- Storytime About a Lost Puppy



Sept 2002


Karen in Collierville, TN  USA


Animal Rescue Party

For my daughter's 6th birthday, she asked for a Veterinarian Party.

I mailed out invitations printed on the computer on paper that had pawprints all over them.  The invite asked each girl to bring her favorite stuffed animal for a little "TLC". 

When the guests arrived, (we were playing "Who Let the Dogs Out") they were given an oversized "scrubs" medical shirt with pawprints stamped on and their name written on it in fabric marker (Dr. Kathryn)they put them on over their clothes. 

Next, there was a plastic bag on the table for each girl full of "medical" stuff--Band-Aids, self-sticking gauze bandages, play stethoscopes, syringes, etc.  I also had made ahead of time a little  "Medical History" book for each guest.  They wrote their name, "pet's name" and then they weighed and measured their animals.  They put Band-Aids and bandages all over the pets then made collars out of ribbon and round foam pieces.  I took pictures of each guest w/pet with a Polaroid camera and glued it on the front of the Medical History books. 

Then we read a story about a lost puppy and the girls got into two groups and followed clues that I had written on paw prints and hid all over the house.  At the final clue they found a basket of stuffed puppies (from dollar store) and each girl got one to take home. 

Snacks were Cocoa Puffs in dog dishes (looks like dog food) and I made a cake that looked like a Dalmatian face.  Each guest had a brand new plastic dog dish with their names written on them for their ice cream (they loved eating out of them). 

Finally, they played Trainer May I (take-off on mother-may-I, but say sit, beg, roll over). 

Their take home goodies were the scrubs, stuffed animal, dog dish and animal stickers. Lastly, (this was my daughter's idea) on the invite the guests were asked not to bring a gift but to bring a dog or cat food donation to give to the local animal shelter.

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