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Veterinary Party -2yr- Vet Clinic with Xrays



November 2006


Brandie in Overland Park, KS


Animal Rescue Party

Veterinary Party for a Two year old - For my son's two year old bday party, I decided to have a veterinary theme since he has a toy puppy that he keeps w/him all the time.

Invites: I downloaded pictures from the manufactures of my son's fav. stuffed toys, and printed them on a flier stating: "Our last name" Vet Clinic is having a care for your pet day. I then had a picture of my son, and underneath it had that ".... Vet Clinic" was pleased to welcome Dr. .... to the clinic. And since he was turning two, I then wrote that he had over two years of experince in caring for "puppies, tigers, and bears" (his fav. toy animals). Then it stated that if you would like to bring your pet to the clinic (our address, and phone number), to please call to reserve an appointment time. I also printed a downloadable form from a local vet place and mailed that w/the invites for the "owners" to fill out the paperwork on their "patients" for the clinic.

Decorations: I called the local Vet clinic, and asked them if they had any left over posters etc. from pharm. co's that give them promotional products. They were able to give me posters, a scrub hat, post its (w/drug names), misc. toys, dog chew toys, two chocolate lab stuffed animals, and several other things. I emptied out the family room and used the booksleves to set up the clinic tables that hold their doctor things. 

A big cardboard box was used to make a dog kennal for the stuffed dogs that we had at the party. I used our doctor kits (ones that you can by just about anywhere in the toy departments), and laid out band-aids, ace bandages, cotton balls, (oral syringes donated by Wal-mart pharm.), and empty medical bottles.

On the computer, I was able to print off pictures of animal xrays and post them to posterboard for their radiology section, and print off pics of animal anatomy and place it by the medical supplies. I took a rectangular folding table (set it at a kids height), and covered it in foil to look like a vet's exam table.

I laid out all of their stuffed animals, and kids chairs to set up a waiting area complete w/a reception desk(lego table w/a toy computer, folders for the medical files, and business cards). I also made signs saying the "clinic" was not liable for any animals that wonder off of their leash, to keep their animals contained, and so on. We also had a animal grooming table set up (it had bows, empty spray bottles, ribbons, combs, brushes, pretend finger nail polish) for the kids to get their animals groomed.

Food: I ordered a sub tray and had chips for the adults, and had bone shaped pbj's for the kids who ate them all.

Cake: I made a two layer cake and put blue frosting on it, and white paw prints. To serve the cake, I ordered dog bowls from Birthday party express.

Favor boxes: I ordered dog house shaped boxes from the same place and filled it w/stickers, crayons, and misc. items.

For our attire, my husband, myself, and my son all wore scrub tops to look like the staff. I think my son had a nice time.

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