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Animal Rescue Party - Find the Baby Animals



December 2006


Karen in Dumas


Animal Rescue Party

For my middle son's birthday we had an animal rescue party where both Deigo and the Wonder Pets helped out. 

INVITATIONS were plastic animal sippy cups filled with candy and a Deigo invite printed of the computer from Nick Jr' website was attached to the handle using colored ribbons.  I hand delivered these of course.  We had his party at a local pizza restuarant that has a game/dining room in the back. 

FOOD included pizza, juice boxes, sodas, chips, and a Wonder Pets cake from a local cake lady. 

DECORATIONS included two sets of helium filled balloons attached to a stuffed elephant and a stuffed snake.  In addition, I printed out pictures from Nick Jr's website for both Deigo and Wonder Pets and taped these to the walls.  I covered the tables in plain green tablecloths to simulate a natural setting. I also placed Dora, Boot, Deigo, and Baby Jaguar figures on the tables.  I had a plastic Diego backpack that has the face, sings, and talks that I planned to use, but my infant son was at the time scared of it. 

ACTIVITES inclued the aracade games (each child was given $ to play the games), popping bubbles from a bubble machine, playdoh table, coloring Deigo and Wonder Pet placemats from Nick, Lego table, Miscellaneous toy table, and balloon round up (40 balloons blow up by us).  I originally planned on having centers so that the 20 kiddos wouldn't be trying for the same activities at the same time, but miracleously enough they were all so well behaved, entertained, and cooperative enough that they just naturally did it themselves without any prompting by the adults.  Since the party pretty much ran itself, I only then had three games to operate. 

The first game was pin the party hat on Deigo and each child was given a party hat for the prize. 

The second game was a pinata and as each child hit the pinata, they were given a piece of candy, elimanting the need for too much standing or any mad dives for candy at the end. 

The last game was the actual animal rescue part of the party.  Each child was given a set of binocular (Oriental Trading) to help us locate the steal box in which the baby animals were trapped (OT).  I made the box from an old Sam's diaper box filled with stuffed animals from OT and wrapped it all in alumium foil with the exception of a hole at one end for their hands to fit into.  Each child was also given a red cape made from $1 fabric. I "received" a phone call from both Deigo and the Wonder Pets asking for our help. Then each child took turns "rescuing" an animal from the box. 

They then went with their baby animals to anohter parent who had a box of Dora band-aids.  She gave each animal a band-aid. 

I gave each parent a paper grocery bag instead of each child a little bag.  Kids gave all their prizes to their parents to put inside the bag.  This inlcuded the playdoh, placemats, animals, binoculars, capes, balloons, hats,$ and candy. The total cost was roughly $150, which I thought was responible for 18 kids & pizza.  The best part was I really did not have to do much and the kids had a blast. 

Finally, THANK YOUS were Wonder Pet thank yous from Nick

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