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Animal Rescue Party -3yr- Activity Centers



April 2007


Karen in Dumas


Animal Rescue Party

For my son's 3rd birthday, he could not make up his mind if he wanted a Go, Diego, Go or Wonder Pets party.  Thus, I combined the two ideas and made an Animal Rescue Party. We were in the middle of a move out of town, so I did not wish to hold the party at my house, since we were busy showing the house & I did not wish to hold the party on the weekend because we were so busy packing & making other arrangements.  Instead, I held the party at a local pizza hut (the only place available on a week day).  I held the party from 4:30 to 6. 

INVITES were Go, Diego, Go (GDG) invitations printed from Nick Jr website.  While on line I printed out decorations & placemats for both Wonder Pets (WP) & GDG.

DECORATIONS included those printed on line, lime green table cloths to simulate grass, stuffed animals, & both helium filled & air filled balloons. 

ACTIVITIES included the games at Pizza Hut (I provides quarters for the kids, legos, playdoh, coloring GDG & WP placemats, balloons, toys, cars,& bubbles.  Since we had 18 children show up, I created different centers for the activites.  Surprisingly it worked well.  Children just naturally took turns at diffent centers without or prompting.  The little ones preferred the balloons & bubbles; the olders the games, the middle coloring & playdoh, but yet the all managed to switch on their own without fussing. 


1. I had a tiger pinata" & has each child hit it with a blow up sword I gave him or her a bag with a sucker & M&Ms.

2. I gave each child a cap & party Hat so they could be like WP & I gave them a set of binoculars then my son's rescue back helped notify us of the stranded animals in a metal cage (cardboard box with foil)  Each child took turns & pulled out & rescued an animal.  They then took their animal to a the first aid station & put on a Dora or GDG band aid.  I gave each mom a grocery sack to take home their kids goodies which included the hats capes binoculars animals balloon candy & balloons. 

FOOD included pizza soda chips & CAKE (WONDER PETS that a local cake lady made & decorated).

The party was a huge success & I was able to do it all myself.  My husband was already out of town at his new job.  The cost was also moderate.  I ordered the binocular & animals from Oriental Trading the capes were left over fabric the hat were left overs too.  Plates etc. were provided by the restaurant.  Playdoh was purchased at Halloween time as halloween treat.  I already had bubbles & a bubble machine & balloons.  Decorations Invites & Thank yous were all printed from Nick Jr."

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