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Veterinarian Party -6yr- Pet Vet Exams



April 2007


Perrin in Vancouver, WA USA


Animal Rescue Party

My daughter came up with the veterinarian theme for her 6th birthday. 

We created the invitation on the computer with a paw print border, red crosses in the corner, and a picture of my daughter in her veterinarian costume.  It read: Corinne's Pet Clinic, Please come be a guest veterinarian (and help Corinne celebrate her 6th birthday).  We printed them on photo paper and they looked great. 

For Decorations I made a big sign saying Pet Clinic.  I also asked a Vet Clinic for some old posters which they were happy to give.  I made chalk paw prints on the porch and found some cute paw print balloons on Ebay.  I made an X-ray poster by covering poster board with tin foil and printing off images from the computer (and drawing one as well).  My daughter colored many coloring pages that we hung all over. I found cute dog themed party ware at Party City.  

My living room was the clinic.  I had 2 long skinny tables covered in a sheet and a bunch of toy medical equipment was laid on it.  I found a great 40 piece Vet Set on  I had a feeding station with bottles and a cute new doc bowl with Scooby Bone crackers in it.  I had cotton balls, qtips, and gauze that I cut in to long thin strips.  On the entry way table I placed a bunch of beanie baby cats and dogs I ordered off Ebay for pretty cheap.  When the guest arrived, they got to pick one they would care for in the clinic and get to take home. 

My kitchen was the craft area so they went there and decorated collars I cut from foam with Velcro ends.  I had small foamies and self-adhesive jewels to decorate with..  We also had those office tags as name tags.  I also had a frame craft that I found at Walmart (30 for $5).  It was foam frames with stickers in animal related themes.  I also had coloring pages printed off while we waited for everyone to finish.  Then we went to the clinic area where I read Sally Goes to the Vet which I checked out from the library.  

I then showed them some notebooks I prepared for them to use for their vet exams.  I found small notebooks with cats and dogs on them at Walmart.  I used clip art and had things like, check heartbeat, give 3 shots, check weight, check ears and eyes, etc.  They had a great time playing Vet. 

The cake was store bought..decorated with black paw prints and red border.  I served ice cream in little dog bowls ordered from Birthday Express.  I wrote their names on them with permanent marker.  They loved those.  I served juice boxes with Clifford on them. 

The party favor bag was a white gift bag, which I glued a red cross on (made form construction paper).  They had their notebook, the stuffed animal, the dog bowl, frame, and also a paw print pencil and stickers from Oriental Trading, and a bag of Scooby Bone crackers.  It was a great success.

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