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Apple Picking - 4yr - Apple Crisps & Pie



January, 2000


Nancy in Woburn, MA US


Apple Picking Party

Apple Picking Party

With my daughter's birthday in September and living in New England, for the past 3 years we have had an apple picking party.  She is now 4 and has both younger and older cousins.  This has been great for kids and adults of all ages. 

On the day of the party (which luckily has been wonderful weather each year) we bring snacks while waiting for everyone to arrive. 

We set up a table with the food and blankets to sit on in the parking lot (grassy lot) and play catch/football and just run around. 

The orchard we have chosen is one in which they allow the children to climb the trees (many do not). 

A wagon brings us all to the orchard.  We pick apples, play catch with apples, eat apples, etc. 

We then hang a pinata on a tree, get our full of candy and small prizes (along with a few squished apples) and then head back to the parking lot/picnic area for cake and presents. 

It's been great every year and we remember it for weeks as we eat apple crisp, apple pie, baked apples and apples with peanut butter.  And, of course, an apple for the teacher.

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