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Apple Party - 5yr - Apples to Apples Game!



May 2006


Andrea in South Jordan, Utah, U.S.

Honorable Mention

Apple Picking Party

The Apple of our Eye  

My five year old requested an apple party?!  Talk about stretching my creativity!  I actually thought it was cute because she is going to school in the fall.  So here's what we did…

I sent invitations in the shapes of apples with the following poem on it:  I'm the happiest child alive, I'm having a birthday and turning five My how she's grown my parents sigh and still she's the apple of our eye So to my party I hope you'll come I know that well have lots of fun  Apple games and crafts and cake Apple goodies we will bake Apple stories, rhymes, and songs We will do an apple bob Pin some apples on a tree An apple birthday it will be! 

Decorations: I made placemats for each guest on green checked paper with apple die-cuts (I got a package of 36 at the dollar store!).  Then I printed each guests name on it and laminated them.  These were at the table with red/green plates/utensils.  In the center was a big basket with apples and red/green balloons.   

Activities: 1- Ice breaker games: Apple, Apple who has the apple (I had a tiny wooden apple from a craft store) and an Apple relay.  The kids had to race to see who could push an apple across the room the fastest with their noses. 

2- Read "The Giving Tree" and sang some songs about apples ("Apples and Bananas" was their favorite) I got these off the internet  LITTLE APPLES (Sing to the tune of "Ten Little Indians")   One little, two little, three little apples, Four little, five little, six little apples, Seven little, eight little, nine little apples, All fell to the ground.  Sing to the tune: I'm a Little Teapot  I'm a little apple, short and round, I make a munchy, crunchy sound, If you bite into me you will see - I'm delicious as can be!  Verse 1: (tune: Mulberry bush) Here we go round the apple tree, the apple tree, the apple tree. Here we go round the apple tree, so early in the morning.   Verse 2: This is the way we plant the seed. Verse 3: This is the way the little seed sprouts. Verse 4: This is the way it grows to a tree. Verse 5: This is the way the flowers blossom. Verse 6: This is the way the apples grow. Verse 7: This is the way the apples are picked. 

3 - Cake/Snack.  I got a crate and stuffed it with paper to give it a false bottom.  Then I draped a green checked cloth in it.  I filled it with red cupcakes topped with red sprinkles.  The stem was a broken Kit Kat piece and the leaf was a gummy green fruit slice.  I set them in the crate to look like a crate of apples.  I also served apples and apple juice.   

4- Crafts.  The kids each made a necklace with ribbon and beads.  Then they painted a paper maché box red and glued a wooden apple on top.  We glued ribbon around the top of the box.  This became their jewelry box for the necklace. 

5- Apple Toss - I cut a huge apple out of cardboard box and painted it.  Then I cut five circles out of it.  Using black beanbags, the kids took turns tossing the beanbag "seeds" into the apple. 

6 - We then bobbed for apples and the kids went in a made a caramel apple of their apple they bobbed for.  I had mini m&ms, chocolate chips, sprinkles, and gummy worms.  I kept the caramel warmed in a crockpot which was very nice! 

7 - Apples to Apples - this is my daughters favorite game, so I made a simplified version.  I printed off probably 100 pictures.  Then I printed 30 adjectives (excited, comfortable, important, scary, funny, etc.).  The kids each had 5 pictures and I would put down an adjective.  They had to decide which of their pictures best matched the word.  Then a different child was the "judge" each round and picked the best one.  The goal was to see who could be picked the most.  The kids were very good at this game! 

8- Presents

9 - Gift bags - I got ADORABLE apple bags from Oriental Trading for way cheap.  They are gingham cloth bags with an apple stitched on and wooden apple ties!  I put apple Playdough from the dollar store in each one.  I also put in an apple sticky note pad and apple pencil (Oriental trading) and some sour apples. 

10- Thank you note.  We are making these today, but my daughter will write "Apple"ite Thank you (A polite thank you) note to each child.  It took some deeper thinking to have an apple party, but it was so much fun!

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