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Fall Harvest Party - 4yr - Pumkin Patch



November 2006


Robin in Hamden CT


Apple Picking Party

For my son's fourth birthday I had a fall harvest party. 

I used assorted fall cardstock and made the inivitations.  The invitations read- Bryce is turning four and it’s a very special day.  Come and join us as we celebrate in a fall sort of way.  Then the inside stated that there would be lots of crafts, games and food for everyone (as I was inviting family friends and nursery school friends, I expected the nursery school friends would bring at least one parent). Then I gave the info regarding day and time. 

It was a Sunday afternoon at one so I actually served lunch.  I kept my fall theme and had cheese and crackers and veggies with dip out when everyone arrived.  I sliced the cheese and used small cookie cutters to make leaf,pumpkin and apple shapes.  I also had nacho chips and salsa. 

After everyone arrived we did our first activity.  The kids made apple pies.  I had the crust already in an aluminum pan for each child and I had cut up the apples and dunked them in sprite so they would not brown.  Each child got a pie plat and filled up the plate with apples.  Then he/she added the cinnamon sugar mixture I had and I had mixed oatmeal with butter to sprinle on top.  I wrote each child's name on the pie underneath. 

I cooked them as the rest of the party was happening so each child could bring home the cooked pie.  Next lunch cameout.I had rolls and I had made a turkey which I had sliced previously and was in the oven staying warm.  I also had cranberry sauce, apple sauce, and a sweet potatoe tart. 

After lunch I had made a pumpkin patch in the back yard.  Even though it was Nov 4, it was relatively mild- mid 50s and the kids did not mind being outside.  I had spread hay on the ground and placed small pumkins in it.  In front of it was a scarecrow.  Each child went to the patch and picked a pumpkin.  Then they decorated them. 

I had paint on the tables outside as well as fall foam stickers and crayons. The kids had a great time being creative.  After this they played pin the leaf on the tree.  At my house there are no winners and losers.  So  I drew a tree on white poster board and hung it up.  Then I had some foam leaves that I had ordered from Oriental Trading.  On each leaf I wrote the child's name and they closed their eyes and stuck it on. 

The kids then played a bit while I took out the last project-  scarecrow faces.  I ordered small tims from Oriental Trading and they turned the tins upside down and glued raffia pieces on the top and then a hat that I had gotten from Michaels.  Next they glued googly eyes on the front and different foamshapes for the nose and mouth. 

Lastly, they took their bags to the hay stack and dug for prizes.  I had laid out two areas on the grass with hay and inside the hay I put stickers, pencils, small bubbles for the kids to find. Since there were 20 kids ranging from 2 to 7 I put the smaller kids at one stack and the older ones at the other.  Whatever they found went into their goody bags along with the fall book that each child was given.  We then had cake which of course was a pumpkin cake.  It was made using the ball pan.  I also had cupcakes, cookies and a pumpkin spice dip for apples.  Each child went home with lots of stuff. 

Three weeks later parents are still telling me how great the party was.  And best of all my son loved it!

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