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Autumn Apples Party - 1yr - Hayride!



November 2007


Christie in Williamstown, NJ USA


Apple Picking Party

Autumn Apples Party 

My daughter was born on the first day of fall.  I wanted to do something special to celebrate her first birthday along with the first day of autumn.  We chose a local apple orchard as the destination.

I made invitations on plain red card stock that read, On the day when Autumn has just begun and you've been picked to join in the fun!"  We added some glittery apple and autumn leaf stickers to dress up the invites. 

When the guests arrived at the party we walked around the farm and fed the animals. 

We then took a walk through a corn maze that led us to the tractor and our hayride.  We took a hayride out to the orchard and picked apples. 

Each child got a tote bag with their name on it to hold their apples.  The totes also had a little apple shaped coin purse attached with some fall themed stickers inside. 

Grown-ups also picked apples.  It was a beautiful fall day! 

After we picked we took the hayride back to a picnic area (with a tent) and had apple-spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and little marzipan apples on top. 

The best thing about the party was that people of all ages enjoyed it.  Kids as young as one all the way through senior citizens all thought it was a blast and we all went home with lots of apples for the fall!  "

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