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April Fools Day Birthday - Easter Egg Hunt



January 2002


Jennifer in Scotts Hill, TN, USA


April Fools' Day Party

For my daughter's birthday party, which is on April Fool's Day, which always falls around Easter time, we celebrated Spring's arrival. 

We sent out Birthday/Easter Egg Hunt invitations. 

The table was decorated with the food and bunny confetti, along with streamers hanging from the ceiling and table. 

Balloons were floating everywhere and tied to the birthday girl's chair. 

Upon the guest's arrival, we had treats, which included a Spring-decorated cake with ice cream, we then opened gifts and then came time for the BIG Easter Egg Hunt. 

We give away gifts (Easter related) to the 2 persons who found the most eggs. 

The goody bags were actually Easter cups filled with green filler grass, the type for Easter baskets, and Easter related candy.  Each cup was then wrapped in cellophane and tied with a pretty curly ribbon.

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