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April Fool's Party -8yr- Confusing Traps



February 2008


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April Fools' Day Party

My daughter's 8th birthday is in early April so last year we decided to have an April Fool's Day party at our house.

To make the invitation, we made one on the computer with a birthday motif and wrote all of the information backwards. 

When the kids drove up to the house, they were greeted by caution tape across our front lawn and across the entrance to the side gates so they would have to walk directly up to the front door.  On the door we taped a Wet Paint" sign to it. Over the doorbell but we did hear that some guests stood their for a few minutes trying to decide what to do...I even had someone call me from their cell phone.  My husband or I would answer the door in our bathrobes looking "shocked" to see the new arrivals at the door. 

The party snack food was made up of small apples which had single holes cut out with a gummy worm crawling out of it.  It actually looked real! We also made "sushi" out of rice krispy treats and fruit roll-ups. There are recipes on the internet for these. 

We had one game called "April Fool" or "Fact".  I had made up a list of 15 "facts" which I read outloud. My son had a book of "Whacky facts" so these were really odd funny and sometimes gross.  They had to guess whether each one was fact or fool.  The girl with the most answers correct got a prize.  Our prize was a "looks like spilled milk" glass from an online store.

The party rooms were decorated in hazard signs and yellow caution tape.  We had many odd signs up here and there.  We also had rented a bouncer and made slime and put it out on a table in the backyard for the kids to play with.  When it came time for lunch we served "worms on a bun" which is simply hotdogs that have been sliced vertically into 4 strips and then boiled.  They curl up in the water and look really funny but taste the same! 

The day before I had made a birthday cake look-alike which was really made out of meatloaf (in two cake pans...your normal recipe will work!)with red roasted pepers placed inbetween the two meatloaf layers and frosted it with mashed potatoes which I had dyed light pink. We put real decorations candles and happy birthday lettering on it.  My daughter was the only one who knew it was a fake cake.  It actually looked real.  I thought the kids would be suspicious after all the tricks but sure enough someone begged to have the first slice and I have an awesome picture of her look of surprise when the cake was not sweet!  Best of all we used the "cake" for dinner that night to make life easy. 

For the real sweet treat I had made those cupcakes which bake in icecream cone cups.  I frosted them threw on sprinkles and even a cherry to make it look like a real icecream cone. 

Finally for the goody bags I had gag gifts and tricks to use one their parents such as whoopie cushions snapping-finger gum and a shooting icecream cone toy. These were very cheap on the internet. The kids went crazy for the gag gifts using the whoopie cushions around the house.

I had to share this because by far this has been my daughter's favorite party and it was pretty cost effective and the kids talked about it at school the next week!  Two years later we still get "Remember your April Fool's party?""

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