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Sea Theme -3yr- Magnet Fishing Poles



April 2001


Lisa in Belgrade, Montana, US

Honorable Mention

Aquarium Sea Life Party

For my daughter Kelseys 3rd Birthday we used an under the sea theme. The invitations stated that both adults and children should prepare for a wet and wild time and where clothes they don't mind getting wet.

For decorations I hung a fish net I got from a party store and decorated it with balloon fish and octopus.  Easy to make by using marker to make eyes, mouth etc. then used tagboard to make tail fins and eight legs of octopus, then in center of each board poked a hole and pulled the knotted end of balloon through.  Really turned out cute. Lots more helium filled balloons and streamers to make the back yard festive.

We had blue punch with ice cubes frozen with gummy fish inside.  I made sugar cookies shaped like fish and had a table set up with bright colored frosting and sprinkles so the kids could decorate them.  This was a huge hit! 

I also inflated a raft and put it on a blue tarp for water.  I made fish out of colored foam paper and attached magnets to them then made simple fishing poles out of dowels and craft plastic lace with magnets attached to the ends.  Each fish had a code on the bottom for a prize. 

The raft was filled with water so it was a wet game.  Each child when they arrived got a squirt bottle with their name on it and were told that adults were fair game, so lots of water wars went on and the kids had a blast squirting adults and not getting in trouble. 

We filled our large inflatable pool for swimming and put a play slide in it so the kids could slide in.  A treasure chest (decorated ice chest) was filled with water balloons and the kids played the water balloon catch game where every time you catch it you have to take a step back and had lots of extra balloons for sneak attacks.

We grilled burgers for everyone and had chips, baked beans and punch. 

We opened presents and each child got a wrapped present in exchange for the fish they had caught.  (mainly bubble guns, and water toys)  as they were leaving each child got an edible necklace made from gummy sharks, fish , and octopus I had strung using fishing line and a needle.  Was time consuming but worth it because the kids loved them. 

This was an inexpensive party but took some time in the planning.  The trick for 3 year old parties is not planning too many structured games or events but just giving lots of different things to do. I definitely recommend the cookie decorating if you have lots of different ages attending, everyone loved that one!

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