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Under the Sea Party -1yr- Shell Bracelets



May 2003


Amber in Lucedale, MS USA

Honorable Mention

Aquarium Sea Life Party

For my daughter's 1st birthday, with my 2 year old I was tired of the same old things so We decided to try something different. I searched the web and an "under the sea" theme caught my attetion. I began planning.

I made my own invitation. We had it outside at our house. we decorated the table with a blue table cloth (inexpensive) and used blue celephane for a more water look. Then we made placemats with fish, dolphins and crabs on them. They were cute! We got a big boat pinata and filled it ourselves with everykind of fish candy we could find. For the cake I got it at a bakery. It had dolphins on it too.

Decorations were easy. We made and bought fish etc. Then we used those goldfish crackers. I got sandwich bags and put them in there and tied them with blue ribbon. I had those bags all over the table. I also made blue jello with gummy fish in it. The kids thought that was neat.

We got a fish net and hung it outside with sea things in it and I borrowed some tiki torches from family. we made our own thank you notes. and instead of goodie bags. (since it was summer) I gave sand pails with sunglasses, bubbles, fruit snacks, and squirt crabs in them. Then after the kids ate and everything we had the pool ready. Everyone went swimming.

Then my husband got a big cardboard box and made it look like the sea. We made a fishing pole with a clothespin on the end of it and all the kids had a turn to throw the pole over into the "sea" where my husband was on the other side to hook on a prize for all the kids. I made them go in a order so that he would know who was coming up and we had bags of goodies and a personalized fish toy for each child.

After that we had a small pool filled with sand and we let the kids (small ones went first) "dig up treasures" No one was over 5 so we had to play simple and easy games. Inside the sand We had shell bracelets and neclaces that we got at a dollar tree.

Everyone had a great time and when they started to leave they each got their goodie pails with their names on them. I also looked up on the net hawaiian names so I gave each kid a name tag with their hawaiian name on it. Everyone thought that was neat. Guests are still talking about that party… her birthday is here again and everyone is expecting it to be great. I better get started. (lol)

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