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Fish Are Friends -3yr- Virgina Marine Museum



January 2005


Yosheico in Suffolk, Virginia USA


Aquarium Sea Life Party

Fish Are Friends... Not Food!   Were the words printed on the invites to my son's Crishton 3rd Birthday Party. Which I made out of blue card stock- shark, bubble and sea life stickers (purchase from a local craft store).I sent the invites in blue envelopes and place a bubble sticker on the front with the name and address of the guest.

I chose a local museum to host the party, THE VIRGINIA MARINE SCIENCE MUSEUM - they provide me with a private room located next to a play room for kids which had The Majic School Bus as the main attraction, this is where the kids played until everyone arrived, once everyone arrived our party coordinator (provided by the museum) gathered everyone in the private room and helped them decorate shark hats once finished they put on there hats and prepared for their tour thru the museum where they visit a touch tank filled with sting rays the kids enjoyed sticking their hands in the water and making "splish spalsh" - the kids also enjoyed watching the sharks and sea turtles in the life size aquariums - It was Amazing!

The last attract was a visit to the divers tank where I handed out kid size divers mask to all of the guest for them to put on, the tank had a live diver feeding fish, our tour guide put on headphones which allowed her to communicate with the diver in the tank - she grouped all the kids together and announced Crishton's Special Day - just as the diver held up a sign that read "Happy 3rd Birthday Crishton" - Everyone begin to clap even those that weren't apart of the party.

We then headed back to the party room this was when the kids saw the cake which was a cut out clown fish - the kids love it they all yelled out Nemo! While the kids enjoyed cake and ice cream we played Finding Nemo movie on the T.V. monitor.Then my husband and I hung up a huge clown fish (which I made using poster board) on the wall in the room this is when we played - Pin the Fin on Nemo -

Afterward each child received one live gold fish in a clear plastic bag as party favors I also included a gift tag which read "Thanks for coming to my party ... I hope you had Oceans of Fun!" This was truly an Awesome party everyone enjoyed it and it only lasted two hours, each minute was a fun-filled unique experience with a theme everyone could relate to.

The total cost of this party was $357.89 - money well spent. I had created interesting parties for my son in the past but this party exceeded my expectations and now my friends and family can't wait to see what I will think of next - everyone now RSVP to my son (now 5yrs old) parties before I even send out the invites :-)

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