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Wizard of Oz 5yr - Yellow Brick Road



October 2000


Shawna in Des Arc, AR

October 2000 Winner

Wizard of Oz Party

Wizard of Oz: Just recently gave my daughter on her 5th birthday a Wizard of Oz party. 

Invitations where a tri-fold card in bright blue with yellow brick road beginning on front in a spiral, rainbow & clouds coming over top of invite, assorted flowers & pinwheels in multi-colors, with Dorothy (rubber stamp) and holding basket with toto inside (made from punches). 

Dorothy's shoes were painted with red glitter pen, the witches feet were in the bottom corner, the yellow brick continued on next page as you folded out card & you saw Glenda the Good Witch (Ellision die-cut), with flowers & pinwheels & brown fence with scarecrow, and stalk of corns (all used with die-cuts & punches). 

The last page featured yellow brick road leading up to Emerald City (Green die cut, with green glitter paint on it) with field of poppies (made with flower punches). 

I bought miniature brooms & glued them to the bottom page & made a green blob out of fabric paint& put black witch hat on top, to represent the melted witch.  Envelopes were in bright assorted colors & Toto die cut was used for return address,  clear labels were printed on computer that said "Toto, we're not in Kansas, Anymore" and yellow brick road stamp was used underneath Toto. 

Address labels were printed on clear labels with a computer & they said "A party is in your future" & place inside the crystal ball rubber stamp. Invite said:  "We're off to Summer's Birthday, the most wonderful 5th birthday of all. 

Dress as your favorite character off to Munchkin Land we'll go.  Look in your crystal ball for the date & time you'll know. Wrote party info in silver glitter pen underneath. RSVP to Wizard himself.

Front of building we used a playhouse with Witch's Feet underneath (white stockings, black tape), We drew rainbow & clouds on porch with sidewalk chalk so each kid would walk over the rainbow to enter.  We used butcher paper in colors to cover the walls, we started with Munchkin land with potted flowers, small childsize table, flower die-cuts, and red balloons. 

We drew large trees with apples on mural, made stand up wood fence to stand behind for pictures, used ficus trees, large wooded circles on sticks covered in cellophane & put in pots all around the room, drew emerald city with field of poppies & witches castle, with flying monkeys and don't forget the tornado.  We used yellow butcher paper to wind around mural for yellow brick road. 

Tables had green table cloths with yellow brick road down the center, with flowers scattered along side the road, plates were blue with die-cut rainbow & clouds in middle of plate.  We got black cauldron & made melted witch punch with black hat floated in punch. 

Cake was three tiered round with road beginning at bottom & winding to top to Emerald city made out of castle cookie.  Scenes were painted with icing on all three layers, plus hand made flowers were made all along yellow brick road, blue & white gingham tablecloth used on cake table. 

Banner said: Summer, Click your Heels & have a Happy 5th Birthday, used with die-cuts to make the farm scene in the first of the movie. 

Treat Sacks were old Easter baskets painted brown with gingham fabric inside, candied apples tied with red bow, green pencil, animal crackers, whistle pop, crayons & Wizard of Oz book.

We wrapped in clear plastic wrap & tied with gingham bow. Games were stuff the scarecrow, poppy hunt, pass the magic wand, broomstick relay & bust the rainbow piƱata. 

At the end of the party each child got a red balloon & they clicked there heels three times & said no place like home & released balloons.  We had 25 kids attend and over 50 with the adults.  We had a blast.

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