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Wizard of Oz Party - Witches Broom Race



November 2005


Jojo in Chicago

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Wizard of Oz Party

WIZARD OF OZ PARTY INVITATIONS Send invitations 2-3 weeks before the party. Purchase matching Wizard of Oz Party Invitations or  make your own, using yellow and emerald green cardstock paper. Use the green paper to cut 3x5 postcards. Cut a yellow road shape. Use a black pen to draw the bricks. Glue the road on the front of the green postcard. "Follow the Yellow Brick Road to _____'s house for a birthday party!"  Write the party details on the back.  You may want to encourage the children to dress as their favorite Wizard of Oz Character.

WIZARD OF OZ PARTY DECORATIONS It's easy to be creative with a classic party theme like the Wizard of Oz. We've received some wonderful ideas from our readers which we've shared below: -Use a roll of yellow butcher or mural paper to make a yellow brick road that leads from the street continuing through the party room. -Cover a piece of mural paper with orange tissue poppies  and mount it on the wall. -Use a large appliance box to make Dorothy's house. Make witch's legs with striped tights and place them  under the house. -Enlist an artistic friend or teen to paint "Munchkin's" on  poster board. Hide the munchkins in the yard and party room. -Hang a giant banner by the front door that says "Welcome to the Land of Oz" -- then by the doorbell a sign that says "Bell out of Order, Please Knock."  If all of these decorating ideas seem too daunting You can still create a beautiful Wizard of Oz party space with lots of emerald green balloons and streamers, matching Wizard of Oz party supplies and a beautifully set table. Place rainbow swirled lollipops or Lion Cups filled with treats at each place setting. 

 WIZARD OF OZ PARTY GAMES If your party is a sleepover plan only a few simple activities in addition to watching the movie. Wizard of Oz Dress-up  Provide dress-up clothes and face paint for the children to dress as Wizard of Oz characters; Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Lion, Glinda the Good Witch, Wicked Witch, Munchkins

As the guests arrive provide some crayons and Wizard of Oz coloring sheets. Or, you can use the coloring sheets at the end of the party to settle the children down. Witches Broom Relay Race,   Before the party cover two shoeboxes or bricks with yellow paper. Mark and "X" on the ground for the starting point and place the "yellow-bricks" a reasonable distance from the "X". Divide the children into two teams.  Provide a broom and a ball for each team. The first player from each team will use the broom to roll the ball to and around the yellow brick and then return. The next player takes a turn and so on until all players have had a turn. What's Behind the Curtain Before the party cut a hole in the side of box. Spray paint the box green (optional). Use a stapler and green fabric to make a curtain where the hole is. Place several theme related objects in the box; oil can, stuffed "Toto" dog, small scarecrow, heart shaped block, small witch hat Gather the children into a circle.  The players will take turns reaching their hands into the curtain. Can they identify one of the objects without looking?  The next player takes a turn and so on. 

Pin the Heart on the Tin Man  Played just like pin the tail on the Donkey. Make your own Tin-Man with butcher paper or poster board. Use red paper hearts and double stick tape. Wizard May I Just like "Mother May I?" The children will take turns at being the All Powerful Oz! Find the Ruby Slippers Before the party cover a pair of old high heeled shoes with red spray paint and glitter. Hide the shoes in different places. Divide the children into two teams. Each team must find one shoe. If the children are  older you can play this game using clues to find the shoes like a treasure hunt.  Scarecrow Relay  Before the party make two Scarecrows.  Leave most of the stuffing out. Two teams will race to fill their scarecrow first.   Party Games Tip If you are hosting a party for young children, we suggest giving every player a small prize after all of the  games are played. Birthday parties are not the time to  teach life lessons of winning, losing or sportsmanship they are just supposed to be fun! 

WIZARD OF OZ PARTY CRAFTS  Rainbow Painting You'll need White paper cut in an arch (rainbow) Kid's paint in rainbow colors or water colors Paint brushes Fine glitter (craft store)  Cover your work area and provide a large shirt for  each child as a smock. Let them paint their rainbow.  Sprinkle a small amount of glitter onto the paint while it is still wet. Allow for drying time.  Glinda's Wand Create Glinda's wand with small wooden dowels, glitter, glue craft foam sheets and several strands of satin ribbon. Before the party, paint the dowels with silver spray paint, cut the pieces of ribbon and a craft foam star for each wand. Use a stapler or hot glue gun to attach the star to the end of the dowel. During the party, the girls will add glitter and ribbons to their wand.  Tip: We prefer to use glitter glue pens and gel pens to decorate.  You may want to use to make wands, picture frames, jewelry and more to match your theme. 

PARTY FAVORS Fill mini baskets from the dollar store (Toto's basket), with a small stuffed Toto, lollipop to represent the Lollipop Kids, bubbles to represent Glinda's bubble and rainbow stickers. The Cowardly Lion Party Cups These cups can hold party favors or fill with treats and  use as place settings. Make them easily with yellow or orange paper cups. Glue a piece of fringed party streamer around the top. Attach "google" eyes then use a permanent marker to draw a face. Fill with a square of tissue paper, candy bar, pencils, silly-straw and other treats. Place each cup on a circle of construction paper and write each child's name

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