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Wizard Of Oz Party -4yr- Ruby Slipper Hunt



August 2008


Jeannie in Columbiana,ohio,usa

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Wizard of Oz Party

My son LOVES Wizard of Oz. So I decided for his 4th birthday we would have a party with that theme...It took a lot of planning....Since I live overseas do to my hubby in the military I ordered alot online. I was having the party stateside but once I got there I wouldnt have much time to shop. Got alot from ebay. I wanted to follow the yellow brick road to oz so I used yellow table runner for the road.

COSTUMES:  My son dressed as the scarecrow his fav character and some others dressed up too.

GAMES and PRIZES: When the kids arrived To start out They all had to find a pair of ruby red slippers. I got the clear slippers on ebay and put glue and then red glitter on them,I told the kids to start on the yellow brick road they had to have a pair and I had them scattered around kind of like an easter egg hunt once they found them they started on the path*at the entry of the yellow brick road I had giant suckers stuck all around in the ground that i got at walmart)

THen they were off to their first stop. The scarecrow activity. I got brown lunch sacks and cut them down some. Before the party I cut out using foam peices to glue on the bag that looked like a scarecrow the mouth,nose,straw,and hat. I got funny eyes from the craft store also I had one made so they could see, all the peices were inside the bag to make it easy. They had to use there brains to put it together once they got that done I had printed out some coloring pages and tied them like a diploma. They all recieved one after their bag was complete then left them on the table to dry.

Then the next stop on the path was pin the heart on the tinman. I used poster board and drew a giant tinman then I spray painted it silver. I printed out on sticker paper hearts and put their names on them. The kids enjoyed that game. They recieved heart stencils.

Next was to earn their courage. I had a large box that I cut a tree out of and happened to have some fake apples. I cut holes in the tree and stood it up the kids threw the apples in the hole and my hubby was waiting behind to toss them back at the kids. They loved that game and played that for a while. I got on ebay medal favors and printed out 2 differant lion pictures and put them on either sides.

Once they played they were given a medal. Now back to the scarecrow bags they made those because the final game I got a witch pinata and the kids used the bags to pick up the goodies once the pinata was broke.

THE CAKE:The yellow brick road then led to the cake which was the emarld city cake and I also made a rainbow cake made out of cupcakes that I arranged as a rainbow then frosted and used wiltons spray color to make a beautiful rainbow.

FOOD: We just had normal kid food hotdogs,sloppy joes ,macaroni salad,chips and juice.

PRIZES and GOODY BAGS: The prizes again during the games were the diploma coloring pages,heart stencils, Medals of courage and a whole bunch of candy from the pinata. Goody Bags were great.At a discount store I happened to come across Wizard of Oz goody bags couldn’t believe that. In the bags were candy tops(twister),I got different color horses that looked like the pretty glass figures (horse of a different color) crayons for the rainbow,Skittles(taste the rainbow)bags of animal cracker(I printed stickers that had the picture of them in the forest and it said lions and tigers and bears ohmy!,I got bubbles and printed a picture of Glenda and it said magic bubbles, The giant suckers that I printed the lollipop guild and stuck on them. I also got blank blowers and printed a picture of the gang going down the yellow brick road and put them on there.

DECORATIONS I had lots of green on the cake table food table lots of green balloons, utensils,napkins, plates all green. Then on the tables they ate at. Each were a different character. I purchased the figurines on ebay and gingham material covered dorothys table with her figurine and slippers on it. Silver for tinman I took a large funnel and spray painted it silver for the centerpeice with a large heart balloon coming out of that. The lion was brown with his figurine on it and medals. The scarecrows was yellow and I had his figurine and straw on it. I think everyone had a good time. I know my son thanked me at least 100 times for bringing it to life for him. I love to put details into my kids parties rather than the gifts.Looking back at brithdays I don’t always remember the gifts but I remember the parties. I want to make the best memories for my kids! Next party is A hollywood party for my soon to be 10 yr old!!!

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