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Wizard Of Oz Party -6yr- Melt the Witch



May 2010


Stephanie in Poquoson Virginia

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Wizard of Oz Party

THEME Wizard of Oz INVITATION   My daughter hand delivered most of the invitations wearing her Dorothy Costume and red ruby slippers.  The invitations had a rainbow background a picture of her in her Dortothy costume holding Toto and the invitation read..Somewhere over the Rainbow Hope is turning 6.  Follow the yellow brick road to...and the address. The children were instructed to dress to play outside and the suggestion was made to watch the movie before they came so they would enjoy this special and magical day.   Basically, We reinacted the very condensed version of the movie-we had almost all of the characters mostly homemade inexpensive costumes but very realistic to the children.  Tinman was all made out of posterboard and spraypaint and duct tape. Scarecrow hit the thrift stores.  Dressy pink dress for Glenda, Use your imagination and you do not have to spend a lot of money.  I used metal coathangers to make tails (for lion and flying monkeys) wrapped them in the stuff that you wrap over electrical coards -pliable corrugated plastic $2 at Home imporvement store wrapped with duct tape-

DECORATIONS Large Furniture Boxes from Local Furniture store and acylic paints to make backdrops that included 9 ft wide Rainbow, door to land of oz and wizard head, Sign that says professor Marvels Crowned heads of Europe -put on our popped up camper. Hot air balloon, Emerald city, Withces Castle up on our porch We spay painted the yellow brick road in the center of the yard and all around the yard(using spray paint for grass marking)  Hay Bail by the scarecrow, Oil can for the Tinman and cardboard axe) ACTIVITIES Music from the soundtrack was playing througout the party. As each child arrived had name tag with a symbol on it (heart,diploma or courage badge)to help divide them in groups when playing games and a gift bag to put their stuff in   As they arrived they painted the house" A large cardboard appliance box with a roof and windows they colored it with crayons as the children arrived.  Then the tornado came (a tomato stake wrapped with plastic wrap spider webbing hot glued farm animals to it) I held it up in the air and twisted it theb with help Picked up the house and dropped it with the witches feet sticking out-stiped tights with the ruby slippers on them.    They went in to the back yard Munchkin land (make it bright-homemade painted large lollipops small pools with floating lilly pads colored windmills (from dollar store) all the wrapped presents were there too very colorful-bubble machine blowing. Each child got "Glenda the Goodwitch" bubbles- sticker made to put on dollar store bubbles They "followed the yellow brick road" Met all the characters along the way.  I had 30-sec-2 min sound clips from each of the characters songs as they met each character.   

Then they played the POPPY GAME  I made over 200 crepe paper poppies hidden all over the yard.  They had to collect as many as they could if tagged by witch or flying monkey had to "fall asleep" until Glenda came over to them and waved her wand.  Winner got a large circular Lollipop  Then went to wizard _he even had borrowed a smoke machine for the oz station  He told them they had to perform a few simple tasks (games) for him to grant their wishes. 

They divided up by the symbols on their name tags GAMES  I had painted a large Tree prop-very easy-apples from dollar store hanging from top-the scarecrow played this game with them-just toss the apple through the hole in the middle of the tree  The tinman station had a heart shaped box (ie valentine candy box) with prize inside played like hot potatoe with "If I only had a heart song playing" when music stopped they got the prize inside. 

Witch and Lion ran the "melt the witch station"  Threw water balloons at a witch drawn with washable markers on poster board it melted and smeared when it got wet.  They then presented the broom to the wizard he passed out the diploma heart and courage badge.  Then after Dorothy clicked her heals and returned home she had food with them 

PARTY SNACKS  I had tags made up for the food items-Somewhere over the rainbow fish (colored goldfish) Witches hats and broomsticks (small pretzel rods and bugles) Scarecrow haystacks (frosted mini wheats) Melted witch punch (green punch with foam floating witch hat) and broomstick lying next to it 

CAKE  Rainbow cupcakes- split cake batter dye it all the colors of the rainbow and then pipe each color in one at a time it will make a rainbow cupcake  cake had green icing yellow brick road and poppies-found at scrapbook store each of the four main characters in a die cut-laminated them and stuck them down in the cake like they were walking on the yellow brick road..had legs sticking out the side of cake like the cake had fallen on the witch- used licorice sticks and Bratz shoes on end and used icing to cover them to make striped tights and red shoes. 

FAVORS The bubbles they collected the poppies and a candy stick (10 for $1 at cracker barrel)with a ribbon tied around it and a note and px of my daughter saying thank you for your friendship and coming to my party"

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