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Wizard of Oz Party -6yr- Party Photo Favor



October 2001


Olga in Vancouver, WA  USA


Wizard of Oz Party

Wizard of Oz Party for a 6 year old:  Purchased Wizard of Oz plates, cups, invitations and thank you cards at my local party store.  Through the internet, I purchased special Wizard of Oz balloons, confetti and Lollipops.  Asked the kids to dress as a character from the movie. 

I started off the day of the party by drawing a yellow brick road around the front of the house leading to the backyard.  Decorated the front door entry way with a rainbow balloon arch( to simulate crossing over the rainbow), flowers and items from the movie - plush red heart, mini scarecrow, lion's crown, silver tin funnel and lollipops of course. A banner with " Happy 6th Birthday Giselle/Dorothy Have a Wonderful Birthday Adventure in the land of Oz."  Children arrived at 1:00 pm and entered the garage.  Here they had 4 stations to go to:  Rainbow stick photo frames, toilet tissue roll "puppets" of the main characters, moveable paper scarecrows, and a coloring page with a horse on it that they would color ( horse of many colors). 

After each child finished the photo frame station I began the adventure.  I asked all of the kids to go and sit on a rainbow plastic tablecloth on the front lawn.  While the went there, I quickly closed the garage and placed two colorful rainbow socks (stuffed with newspaper) under the closing garage.  Attached to these socks were my daughter's ruby slippers.  I added to munchkin dolls (purchased at the Warner Brothers Store).  I quickly sat down in front of the kids and read from the Wizard of Oz film story book, so that kids who didn't know the story would understand what was going to happen. 

Then I showed them a home made tornado tube, when all of a sudden Glinda the Good Witch showed up.  She welcomed Dorothy and the kids to Munchkinland and then showed Dorothy what her house had done to the Wicked Witch of East.  She then instructed Dorothy to put the ruby slippers on for her journey.  Here I quickly asked the Good Witch to take photos with all of the kids.  A parent took the roll down to 1 hour photo so we could put them in the frames before the party was over.  Then Glinda gave Dorothy a kiss of protection for her journey and then sent them off on the yellow brick road. 

A teenager neighbor girl lead the group as their "guide", she was dressed as the China Princess from the Wizard of Oz book series. 

First stop, a large scarecrow balloon waited with instructions.  I tied the balloon down with a scarecrow plush (from WB store).  The note told them to find all of the scarecrows clothes and stuff him with newspaper.  They had to work as a team.   After they finished the guide read that they completed there task and that they need to take the silver tube back to the Wizard. In this I had made a Doctorate of Thankology from the scarecrow for putting him back together.    Next stop, Tinman balloon with instructions and Tinman plush. 

Activity:  Pin the Heart on the Tin Man.  Once completed, Dorothy opened up a heart shaped box which contained a tiny tinman's heart (mini ornament from Hallmark store). 

Next stop, Haunted Forest where they needed to collect poppies from the Wicked Witches poppy field. Lion Balloon with instructions and lion plush.  On the a bench, I had the plush dolls of the Wicked Witch and her monkey.  Told the kids to beware.  As they started collecting poppies, two wicked witches showed up and wanted the ruby slippers.  They told us that all they had left of their sister was her hat. 

A game of freeze tag began, but all of the kids were soon frozen.  The guide helped Dorothy here.  Dorothy looked in her basket and found a bottle of "confetti" witch repellant which Glinda had left her.  We live in the Northwest, so what doesn't work on the witches.  The witches were great, they screamed and ran off, they dropped a broom and their hats and quickly hid in the garage.  Dorothy found the broom while the kids were instructed to unfreeze and quickly collect the poppies.  As their reward they opened up a silver box which contained medals for all of the kids.   

Finally stop, the kids followed the yellow brick road back to the front door.  Here the gate keeper to Oz(bell out of order, please knock sign) He finally let the kids in for cake and ice cream and presents.  After presents the Wizard came and the kids showed him what they had done.  He said, I will help you all go home - a balloon pinata waited outside.  After the pinata, the Wizard asked the kids in helping by saying "there's no place like home" three times while Dorothy clicked her heels together.   

Pinata:  Each kid received a bag marked with their name - heart eraser, poppy seeds to plant, heart jelly candies, mini-toto dog bone candies, and a package of animal crackers with a picture of the main characters and the saying "Lions and tigers and bears oh my!"   

Goody Bag:  small paper bag with paper handle. Swirl lollipop, plush zipper pulls (Dorothy and Toto from WB store) for the girls, giant rainbow bouncing balls for the boys, house sugar cookies, Glinda mini bubbles, coloring pages wrapped up like diplomas and rainbow fruit rolls.   The kids had enough time to finish their crafts by the time their parents came which was 4 pm.  A very memorable party.  My daughter loved it!!!! And she can't stop talking about it.

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