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Airport Party 4yr - Skywriting Cake



April 2001


Kara in Columbia,SC USA

Honorable Mention

Airplane Party

Airport birthday party I just had the greatest party for my four year old at our local airport. 

I sent out invitations with planes on them that I made on the computer. 

The airport provided a terrific room (free of charge) near the baggage claim in the airport. I had decorated the tables with red white and blue streamers. 

When the kids arrived they were each given a Styrofoam airplane (purchased at Wal-Mart for about $1.50 each- but paper airplanes would be great too) and were able to decorate the plane with markers and stickers. Once all the kids had arrived we took them on a tour of the airport (they loved the moving sidewalks), and let them watch some planes take off and land. 

They even got to visit with a real pilot who happened to be walking by.  Then we returned to the party room and while I was getting the cake ready, my husband had a flying contest with the kids to see how far they could make their Styrofoam planes fly.  They loved it.  

The cake was a sheet cake with blue icing, big white icing clouds, and matchbox planes (the writing looked like skywriting.)     

After cake and opening presents the kids were sent off with their planes, and a goodie bag which included a matchbox plane, plastic pilot wings and an airport magnet (provided by the airport), airplane stickers, and a candy plane (made from a smarty, a stick of gum and two lifesavers- directions on the Family Fun website). 

My son loved the party, and his friends seemed to have a great time- and they all got to learn about the airport in the process-

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