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Airplane Party 1yr - Welcome Aboard Julianair



November 2009


Natasha in London, UK

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Airplane Party

It was couple of months ago when I browsed thru the net for an Airplane themed Bday party. And I have to say thanks to Birthday party ideas the party has been a runaway hit!! It was my one year old's fascination for airplanes that prompted me to have this theme.

Firstly, I sat with my husband to decide on a logo so we came up with my son's name and attached 'Air' with Julianair! Made a logo in blue with a cute teddy flying an airplane near it and tagline that read 'The official Birthday Party Airline'. The color code was White Blue and Red so the logo was made out in this color.   I then made E-ticket Boarding passes on a Word Document just like how most of the airpline these days send as their E-tickets its free!!! I marked the passenger name as the child's name. Found loads of cute cliparts to decorate the Boarding pass, Pasted a Barcode that I found online and on the bottom of it wrote in computerised font 'CHILDNAMEISTURNINGONEON100109' looked so original! I then said under Hand baggage allowance that 'Upto 2 carry on parents allowed'. Departure time as the time we intended to cut the cake. Terminal 1 (1st birthday) and Gate 'Alphabet' (that my son's name starts with) I had a sign made out to say this at the front entrance of the venue. The Venue was a party hall which was huge with a lovely garden attched to it for the kids to play around. The invite was huge success!!

We then booked the venue , sent the invites etc. , decided on the menu and the place where we ordering the food from, this was a snack party with a range of heavy Indian snacks.  I then started making signboards to replicate an airport at the venue and carry the theme with the brandname throughout. I made signs as mentioned earlier for the terminal and gate, 'Welcome aboard!', 'Cockpit Area' where I laid down loads of toys to keep the kids enagaged as it was going to be cold day , bubbles and some scrapbook paper for them to make paper planes if they wanted to, 'For young passengers' and got some extra treats with our airline logos either toothpicked on them or tied to the(eg lollies) so that the lids feel a bit special I also made sure that their table is decorated with colorful tableware.

As I couldn’t manage to get an airplane cake the cake was a 3 tiered cake shaped like gift boxes all made of chocolate this was my husband's idea made the table on which the cake will be placed look like a runway-Plain white cloth pasted A 4 black scrapbook sheets(got 340 sheets all different colors from the shop) stuck a few small long white rectangles to resemble a runway we got some airport toys from the poundshop again and I made a sign ''Logoair' Flight Cake-Off'.. I made the main banner this was a cute smiley plane carrying a Banner saying 'Happy 1st Birthday'..I made a 'baggage Claim' Sign which I placed by the exit where the goody bags were kept.  Also on the walls were some airplane models which I painted on card paper  with our airline logos on them. I also made a Message board and stuck a collage of my son's photos taken in the past year and left space around it to write messages for him. 

As I had loads of colorful scrapbook paper I also decided to make small paper airplanes and stuck some fancy sparkling stickers on them. They looked amazing on the walls when I stuck them over some colorful streamers..I also made bunting myself with triangles made out from the scrapbook filled up the space beautifully. I obviously bought quite a few balloons esp Blue, white and red ones and tied them up together to go with the theme one thing I missed on this one was not to stick some printed logos of the airplines on the plain balloons I bought a massive 40 number 1 shaped helium balloon which looked awesome in the centre of the hall! 

For the goody bags I ordered them all online -- Blue plain paper bags for boys with red paper gliders that they have to construct airplane shaped milk chocolates some lollies and some stickers and pink ones for girls ha a small beaded purse sweeties just like the boys a fairy glider and fairy stickers. I also had some choco wafer biscuits and Roses chocolates in a nice organza bag for all the ladies they were both surprised and delighted! I lined all these up with their names displayed clearly on them with bag tags like you get in airports with a 'thank you for flying with us today' message on it. The kids loved to pick up their own bags. I also made similar tags for the ladies goody bag..just made it look more feminine and put some curling ribbons to tie them. 

I had some lively bollywood numbers playing in the background and as the kids had loads of toys some which my friends were kind to get from their house they were just busy playing while the adults had their good time! Its been a few days since the party and I am still getting compliments!"

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