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Airplane Party 4yr - Small Local Airport



October 2008


Komal in Jacksonville, FL, USA

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Airplane Party

My son wanted to be a pilot this year for his 4th B'day. I called the local airport to see what we could do about this wild idea. It turned out they had a large conference room that we could use for the party and the kids could get a tour of the airport and the local Flight Training school agreed to show all the children a 4 seater airplane and also fly the children and their parents for a 10 minute DISCOVERY Flight. I was thrilled and excited. I had a list of 45 children and 70 adults.  

For INVITATION - We used a Boarding pass scheme where I had a logo and name after my son's name- KRISH AIRLINES". We pasted a picture of an airplane on the boarding Passes or "Invite". Passenger-  FLT #- KA 101908(Krish Airlines and his Bday) TKT#- 0004YRS OLD ( his age) Date- 10-19-08 Time of Departure- 1000 ( for 10am) Destination- Location of the airport Meals- Cake Snack Lunch and Beverage Confirmation #- Provided upon RSVP to the ticket agents (My husband and I) Fare- USD 0.00 Tax USD- 0.00. Then we said # of Baggages allowed- 2 Parents per passenger Carry on Baggage- 1 camera Dress code- your favorite Navy blue- (since we had blue and white theme). So everyone dressed in navy blue and white.  

For DECORATIONS- the conference room which I called " CafĂ© Krish" had tons of airplane pictures I got the airplane banners and hanging airplanes from a local Party Shop. Balloons were Blue and white some were airplane balloons the table covers were blue and white and so were the plates forks napkins etc. Some napkins were also Airplane napkins. All the solid color napkins had labels of Krish Airlines that we made from  our laser printer. The center pieces for all the tables were foam airplanes bought from a local store. Also the tables had a map( free from AAA) of our city for an activity involving finding where you live with the help of the parents.  We had signs made of "CHECK IN" and "IMMIGRATION" where all the children came and picked their "Pilot IDs" that we bought from the Party shop. "Top Secret Packets"  had a wooden airplane and wood markers and stickers. The children used them to do art work while they were waiting for the flights outside on the picnic bench near the runway.

I also provided some activity books. At "IMMIGRATION" They were also asked to give their Finger prints on a paper they could use to make Paper "SPY Airplane" and test fly on a chalk runway that I made outside near the picnic bench. Each child also got an airplane sticker. I had pre printed a sheet of instructions and activities for all the invitees so they knew their way. Coffee and pretzels were provided as snacks which I served in little plastic ziploc bags that I made with Krish Airlines label on it. Then there were signs of "Welcome aboard Krish Airlines" and "Baggage Claim" for the goody bags. I had signs for "ARRIVAL" on entry and "DEPARTURE" on the door way out.  My son was dressed as a pilot including the hat and the whole costume that I bought online. He looked very handsome. Our whole family did Blue and white and so did the guests. I wore a Pilot hat too.   We had a bouncy too for the young pilots who wanted to bounce their way to the sky.  The FAVORS had some healthy snacks for the kids ( as I am a dentist) and a compass watch an airplane magnifying glass to see a map and airlines wings. The favors were wrapped in brown bags with coupons for airplane activities in the area and with the label for Krish Airlines. The Top Secret packets were also wrapped the same way. 

The Cake- was a big hit too. It was a custom made carved Blue and White airplane with clouds around and it said Krish Airlines. I got an airplane candle and my son loved cutting the wings of the airplane! 

For food we did Pizza and some other snacks like fruits. 

After the food and the cake my son and his friends came on the microphone and announced- "Ladies and Gentlemen fasten your seatbelts we are about to take off....." They had a blast off time speaking. We had the airplane movie songs playing in the background. I also introduced and thanked the airport staff and the pilots.  The day was beautiful - 70 degrees and sunny and clear. People loved being outside the whole time with the airplane viewing bouncy airplane painting and the Paper Spy airplane flights and ofcourse flying in a real airplane and everyone loved watching them take off and land. The kids loved the map rading and the announcements too.  The Party was a BIG HIT and since it was done 2 days ago I am still receiving compliments. Most of all- My son loved it! "

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