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Airplane Party 3yr - First Class Food Boxes



July 2008


Lisa in FPO, AP (Japan)


Airplane Party

My son has loved airplanes for as long as he's been around and was very excited about the idea of an 'airplane party'. For invitations we printed out airline tickets" for each guest (and for those we knew were unable to make it we sent "e-tickets" just for fun.) My husband created a logo on the computer for 'Nathan Airlines' which was used throughout the party.   

For decorations I hung white paper lanterns of different shapes and sizes to look like "clouds" and hung several of my son's toy airplanes amongst them. My husband was able to get several large aerial maps which we used for tablecloths. I also made signs on black foam board for "arrivals" "departures" "baggage claim" (where we were putting the gifts) and "Security: please remove your shoes" (placed near the front door). We also set up "photo booth" on our mac computer with a sign that said "immigration photos"--we thought this way we'd get some silly pictures of everyone at our party. I set up all the food inside and we had rented a tent/table/chairs and set it up outside for everyone to eat and play games. We made a music playlist with various songs but most importantly- the soundtrack from Top Gun!  

For food we had "first class food served airline style". Living in Japan I was able to go buy bento box style trays that look just like your typical airline food tray (Im sure you could find these online as well). I also purchased individually wrapped silverware packets (like the kind you get on an airplane) and made paper napkin rings with the "Nathan Airlines" logo on it. I printed out more logos on Avery address labels and stuck those on the lids of the bento boxes and cups. I wanted to make small little food items to fit in the different tray compartments so I made 8 different kind of tea sandwiches pigs in blankets cheese and crackers veggies and dip fruit skewers mixed nuts and chips. For drinks I did juice boxes for the kids and iced tea lemonade and water for the adults (we aren't big soda drinkers despite the fact that's what you get on an airplane!)

For my son's cake I put together 2 9x13 cakes on a foil wrapped board in order to create a long runway (I frosted it gray with the appropriate lines/lights going down the runway). I bought some cheap party favor type airplanes to put on top so that if they were full of frosting I wouldn't feel bad throwing them away.  Since my son is only 3 we kept the games simple- we did "pin the pilot on the plane" and a airplane throwing contest (from the cheap styrofoam planes) as well as an airplane trivia game for the adults with an iTunes gift card for the winner. 

Favors were a little difficult since we had a large mix of kids (infants -10yrs both boys and girls). I got a variety of items that were geared for the different age/sex of the kids: compass flashlights toy airplanes boxes of animal crackers pens/paper and luggage tags. Everyone had a fantastic time and told us what a great party it was! "

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