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Airplane Birthday 4yr - Bus, Bus, Plane



Jan 2003


Loree in Leawood, Kansas USA

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Airplane Party

For my son's 4th birthday Airplanes was our theme. 

I made cloud invitations made out of big heavy piece of white paper with a diecut airplane on them with the title "take off with Spencer on a high flying birthday celebration".  On the back of the cloud it listed the info Passenger Name:  Date of Flight:  Check in Time:  Departure time:  Flight # (1799)-his birthdate and Gate #4.  Confirmation Number to rsvp and had Rodger's Airlines with our address.

Games:--had all of my sons airplanes, airports, jets, etc to play with, had pilot outfits for the kids to wear.  We played pin the pilot in the plane-blew up picture of plane and had pictures of captian from coloring book-made copies of for each kid.  We also did the search for the airplanes in the clouds-filled our wading pool with packing peanuts and cotton balls and hid small jets in the clouds. 

We had a plane pinata, played a version of duck,duck,goose called bus, bus, plane.  We also decorated airplane cookies and each child got to take home his decorated cookies-I had a plane cookie cutter.  I covered a plate with foil and made light blue frosting and lightly covered the plate with the frosting for the sky-and then the kids decorated 3-4 cookies and stuck them on the plate/sky.-this was the first activity so there was time for the frosting to dry.  We also had a plane hunt-I had taped small diecut planes around the house and we searched them out each child had to find the plane with their name on it to take to baggage claim at the end of the party!  I had an airplane calendar and laminated the pictures from that and that was the kids placemats-and later they got to take a cool laminated plane picture home as a party favor. 

They also received a bag from baggage claim at the end of the party with a cheap jet/plane diecast from Walmart and a sucker in their bag.  They had to find the one with their name to receive their baggage!  The weather was too cold to go outside-but if we could have gone outside we would have flown the airhog.  My husband had the kids sit at the computer and they got to fly on the flight simulator and were actual pilots!!  The cake was a runway with jets on it and one of my son's toy control tower  and other airport accessories that we had around the house helped to serve as props to decorate the cake.  I hung jets from the light fixture and really only had to buy the jets-for the party favors and the cost of laminating and invitations.  it was a fairly cheap and easy party for us to do since we had all of the stuff and are airplane fanatics!!  The kids had a blast and enjoyed everything!  Decorating cookies was a hit!

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