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Airplane Party 3yr - Ticket Invites & Badges



March 2003


Cindy in Sunrise, FL USA

Honorable Mention

Airplane Party

My twins, Shane and Kyle, are facinated by airplanes which gave me the idea of an Airplane Party for their 3rd Birthday. 

I got the idea of making the invitation a "ticket" from your site.  I made the invitations on my computer. They were rectangular and said the following PEFFLEY AIRWAYS, the official birthday party airline. Each invitation/ticket had the child's name on it, the arrival location (our address), the flight date (party date) and the flight time (party time). Along the bottom of the ticket I printed the "computer" font. It was "120899; TWI NSTUR NTHR EE" which are my twins' birthdate and the words "Twins Turn Three". It helped make the tickets look real. To the right of this was printed the flyer's name, the flight number (120899), First Class, and 500 Frequent Friend Miles.  Passenger is limited to two carry-on parents. A light meal will be served. If additional seats are needed or if unable to make flight, please call a Peffley Airways ticket agent at (our phone number).   

Since my husband is in the aviation field I realized that I could also make "ID" badges for each child.  Each ID had a water mark that said "Peffley Airways" very subtle, along the top there was a banner that said "SKP" my sons' initials (black letters/yellow orange background), then "PEFFLEY AIRWAYS" (dark blue), then SKP again (same colors). To the left, just under the SKP it said in red, "FULL ACCESS", then directly underneath that was "Expires 12-8-03" (next years birthday), then directly under that a photo of the child. To the right was a picture of a plane, under the plane was the child's name in large letters (dark blue)and under the name in smaller letters "Junior Pilot" (my twins' id badge said "Birthday Pilot") at the bottom it said "Instructors: then both of my sons' names" and at the very bottom was the computer code, as if the ID will be swiped in a machine.  Each badge came with a ID necklace. 

The kids LOVED these especially when they saw their photos on it. I had my sons' dress in a pilots costume, they looked sooo cute in the pictures.  We had the party at a park so the signs to get to the pavillion said "Peffley Airways, Flight 120899 at Gate H-B (Happy Birthday). 

On each table I made a plate looking like clouds with many, many airplanes made out of "smarties candies, life savers and a stick of gum" I was able to find online(very cheap) blow-up airplanes that I hung up for decorations and then sent one home with each child.  The color scheme was red, white and blue so the plates and accessories were very easy to get, just solid colors. 

For lunch we had sandwiches, juice and a small snack (just like a plane meal.) I also purchased online from oriental trading the cardboard airplanes and we had a game to see who could fly their plane the farthest, and they were able to take them home. 

To send home, as goody bags, I originally was going to use white bags looking like airline sickness bags but thought that was rather gross so I instead decided on these little boxes as "luggage".  I drew on each the name tag and inside I placed lollipops, a airplane keychain, die cast airplanes, a whistle, and airplane stickers.  These were a hit, but not as much as the ID badges.

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