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Jet Fighter Party 3yr - Fighter Fuel Punch



November 2005


Tonda in Ruidoso, NM USA


Airplane Party

For my sons 3rd birthday I decided to do a Jet Fighter Birthday party for him since his dad is a Flight Test Engineer working with Fighter Jets daily.  His excitement for this sort of theme was overwhelming. 

I rented the local hotel and set up the party in the Atrium since we were having around 20 or so guests.  I decorated with Fighter Jet plates, Balloons, cups, napkins and such.

Goodie boxes were designed like Top Secret brief cases and everyone had their name on it.  They were filled with Jet tattoos, jet whistles, pencils, create your own Jet Airplane and many other trinkets bought by my husband at work. I had my son dress up in a Pilot costume and as guests arrived he gave them handmade Cloud nametags to stick to their shirts, along with their top secret box filled with goodies.  This was a true gift in itself for all of the children.

The tables were decorated with balloons galore and each setting had a  cutout jet with each childs name for them to sit.  We had pizza for lunch which I cut into Jet shapes with cookie cutters.  Each kid filled up on two.  We also had Fruit punch which was called Fighter Fuel. 

After the guests arrived we played a "cake walk" game. I placed homemade clouds along the floor with 1 Fighter Jet.  I played the theme to Top Gun as the kids stepped from one cloud to another.  When the music stopped whoever was on the Fighter Jet won a prize which consisted of Authentic Fighter Jet patches and Die cast F-16's. 

Then we played pin the Pilot on the Jet.  I printed numerous pictures of my son in his costume, cut them out and used double sided tape.  The prize again was a Patch and Die Cas F-16.  After the games, we went to "Baggage Claim" where my son opened his presents. 

For Thank you's, we designed them in the shapes of Jets that said "Thanks for a High Flying Good Time" with a little note to boot.  What a GREAT DAY! 

For the cake, I made a sheet cake with a runway and placed F-16's coming in for a landing.  I then used sticks with F-16s glued to the tops ranging from 2" to 5".  Placing them down the runway looking as though the planes were coming in for a landing.  Then I placed a "Tower" on the edge with a homemade windsock made with a toothpick and tissue paper…It was very unique to say the least. 

All in all, it was a great day.  We used the pool at the hotel and the party was a big hit.  People are still talking about it and wanting my ideas for their themes.

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