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Airplane Party 3yr - Pin Pilot on the Plane



September 2006


Renee in Dunedin, FL , Pinellas County

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Airplane Party

My 3 year old DAUGHTER is really into airplanes so I am throwing her an airplane birthday party with a goal of making it as girly as I can.  No fighter jets here, cute planes with rounded corners.  

Invitations:  The invitations will be boarding pass style. Use Courier New font on your PC to give them a computerized type of look. The ticket itself says: PASSENGER: NAME OF KID DATE OF ISSUE: 15OCT06, CONFIRMATION/RECORD LOCATOR: CUSOON, THANK YOU FOR FLYING WITH ANNA AIRLINES, THE OFFICIAL BITHDAY PARTY AIRLINE!  ITINERARY: DATE: 04 NOV  SATURDAY FLIGHT: ANNA AIRLINES 333, LIGHT LUNCH/BEVERAGE SERVICE DEPARTURE: THE PARK ADDRESS ETD: 10:30 AM CONCOURSE A, GATE 5 SEAT 01A FIRST CLASS. 500 FREQUENT FRIEND MILES TICKET NUMBER: ANNAIST URNIN G3ON110606  FARE-USD: 0.00  TAX: 0.00  TICKET TOTAL: 0.00 ENDORSEMENTS/RESTRICTIONS: PLEASE RETAIN THIS DOCUMENT FOR USE THROUGHOUT YOUR TRIP. YOU HAVE A SPECIAL FARE AND CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS APPLY. EACH PASSENGER IS LIMITED TO TWO CARRY ON PARENTS. TO CONFIRM YOUR RESERVATION, CONTACT AN ANNA AIRLINES TICKET AGENT AT XXXXX@AOL.COM OR (XXX) XXX-XXXX AND REFER TO YOUR RECORD LOCATOR.  Each boarding pass will be put into a ticket sleeve which is regular 8  x 11 piece of paper copied onto bright stock print paper, decorated with airplane clip art then folded into thirds and glued on the left side to hold the boarding pass. Come Fly on Anna Airlines is on the front and Anna Airlines is looking forward to having you on board! If you have any questions regarding your reservation, please feel free to contact a friendly Anna Airlines Travel Agent is on the inside. Be sure to cut out a small triangle on the right side of the inside flap so the passengers can see the ticket easily when they open it.  

Decorations: Multi-colored balloons, inflatable planes hung from the ceiling of the shelter (bought from great products and quick service!), signs for Baggage Claim for present drop off and goody bag pick up and Find the Airplanes in the Clouds, another sign at the entrance Gate 5 Welcome on Board!, red table covers with candy airplanes sprinkled in the center of the tables for the kids (craft idea on, and miniature bags of peanuts, pretzels and in flight magazines donated from an airline for the adults to get a real airport type experience.   

Games: We are playing a lot of the games that other great reviewers have submitted: Pin the Pilot on the Plane, Find the Airplane in the Clouds (package of 144 planes purchased at, Pass the Black Box. I will have a design your own glider craft (Oriental Trading), airplane coloring sheets from the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame website and the best part a fleet of airplanes for the kids to fly. The airplanes are made out of boxes with shoulder straps complete with wings and tail sections.  They are decorated red and white and really adorable. I plan to take photos of each kid flying around and will include a shot of each child in a plane with the thank you note to the family.  

Goody Bag I printed out on a sheet of sticker paper an enlarged clip art of a piece of luggage with travel stickers all over it.  Each large sticker is placed in a regular white handled gift bag and filled with: Richard Scarry's A Day at the Airport, package of colored pencils (cheap and purchased in bulk during back to school sales for $. 30 each), a flight log book (hand crafted with a sticker of a clip art plane and Flight Log Book on a 6 x 4 notebook), airplane kazoo (purchased with other very cool airplane giveaways at, a matchbox plane, a small square of airplane stickers and a fruit roll. 

Food  We are ordering deli trays from our local favorite supermarket. Sandwich and fruit platters, etc. I looked into making box lunches similar to what they have on airlines but it was cost prohibitive ($7-9 pp) so I nixed that idea. The cake is a sitting teddy bear in a pilot costume with helmet, goggles and scarf (think of Snoopy as the Red Baron) holding toy airplanes around him.  There are additional cupcakes decorated with toy planes as well. Juice boxes, soda, ginger ale beer are the beverages for the day. Thanks to all the previous posters for great ideas and  inspiration!

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