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Airplane Party 2yr - First Class Friends Free



August 2007


Adele in waltham, MA


Airplane Party

For my Son's 2nd birthday party, we chose an Airplane Theme.  I made the invitations on the computer and they looked like boarding passes  I called the Airline G Airways (my son's name is Gavin).  I searched and found an airplane clipart.  I cut and pasted his little face in the cockpit and this was the logo for the airline.  The boarding pass had all the party information (Passenger Name, Flight #, Date, Time, Departure Location, and so on.  Ticket price was $0.00, 500 Frequent Friend Miles used.  All the kids seats were First Class Friend seats.  I addressed the invitations to each child and allowed 2 carry on parents". 

Meal: Lunch/Beverage Service "Best food served in the sky!" The colors were silver blue and red.  I had a sign at the front door that said Gate G-2 Welcome Aboard I had a lavatory sign and a baggage claim sign.  I wrapped all the plastic utensils in napkins and secured them with Delta baggage tags that I got the last time I flew (I took about 50 of them!)

I served typical BBQ food (kabobs corn pasta salad fruit salad - all easy to eat while standing) & for the kids if they didn't want that I served ham/cheese sandwiches and BP&J sandwiches that I cut into the shape of an airplane with a cookie cutter.  I also had small packages of applesauce packages of peanuts and the tiny 1/2 sized cans of soda and bottled water.  My Mom made an airplane out of a watermellon and we served the fruit salad in that.  I made the cake.  It was a rectangle shape and looked like a runway with grass on either side.  I put a toy plane on the runway.  I also served ice - cream cones with cake baked in them for the kids.  

The goodie bags were motion sickness bags that I took from the plane the last time I flew.  I filled them with assorted kids toys a nice metal airplane pin that I bought from someone on ebay airplanes made out of smarties gum & life savers.  I also made a badge for each child that had their picture on it and made them a "junior pilot for G Aiways". 

The party was a hit with the kids and the parents (we have several friends who came who do not have children and they enjoyed it just as much).  I also created a DVD that we played during the party.  It was about 6 minutes long (2 songs) and showed pcitures & videos of my son with various friends/family over the last 2 years.  Everyone just loved that.  I created it using Microsoft's Movie Maker.   Thanks to everyone who posted such great ideas.  I used several that I saw on this website and also came up with a few of my own!  Can't wait until next year's party!!"

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